First Quarter Reading List, 2017

BOOKS 2017 [As of 4-2-17]

  1. William H. Gass. The World Within the Word. (1978) [ESSAYS]
    2. Benjamin Hale. The Wild and the Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature. (2016) [NF]
  2. Alan Bennett. Writing Home. (1994) [NF]
  3. Mary Oliver. Upstream. (2016) [ESSAYS]
  4. Alan Bennett. Untold Stories. (2005) [ESSAYS]
  5. William H. Gass. Finding A Form (1996) [ESSAYS]
  6. John Le Carre. The Pigeon Tunnel. (2016) [NF]
  7. John Osborne. An Autobiography:1929-1956. (1981) [NF]
  8. Christopher Fowler. Bryant & May: Strange Tide. (2016) [FICTION]
  9. William Albracht and Marvin J.Wolf. Abandoned in Hell: The Fight for Vietnam’s Firebase Kate. (2016) [NF]
  10. Ervin Goffman. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.(1959) [NF]
  11. Christopher Buckley. The Relic Master: A Novel. (2015) [FICTION]
  12. A.L.Rowse. The Tower of London in the History of England. (1972) [NF]
  13. Margaret Bourke-White. Portrait of Myself. (1963) [NF]
  14. T.S. Eliot. The Sacred Wood and Major Early Essays. (1998) [ESSAYS]
  15. Catherine Ann Moore. This Precious Book of Love: Shakespeare, Women, and Narrative in the 19th Century. (2011) [NF-Dissertation]
  16. Peter Watson. The Great Divide: Nature and Human Nature in the Old World and the New. (2011) [NF]
  17. George Saunders. Lincoln in the Bardo: A Novel. (2017) [FICTION]
  18. A.L. Rowse. My View of Shakespeare. (1996) [NF]
  19. Brian Lamb. Booknotes. (1997) [NF]
  20. Winston S. Churchill. Marlborough: His Life and Times. (1968) [NF]
  21. William H. Gass. The World Within the Word. (1979) [NF]
  22. Howard Rheingold. They Have A Word For It. (1998) [NF]
  23. Willard R. Espy. Thou Improper, Thou Uncommon Noun (1978) [NF]
  24. J.N. Hook. The Grand Panjandrum: And 1,999 Other Rare, Useful, and Delightful Words and Expressions. (1980) [NF]
  25. J. Donald Adams. Copy of Harvard. (1960) [NF]
  26. Larry McMurtry. The Last Kind Word Saloon. (2014) [FICT]
  27. Konrad Lorenz. On Aggression. (1963) [NF]
  28. T.T. Monday. The Set Up Man. (2014) [FICT]
  29. T.T.Monday. Double Switch (2016) [FICT]
  30. Finca Vigia Edition. The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. (2003) [FICT]
  31. Adam Sisman. John LeCarre: The Biography. (2015) [NF]
  32. Yuval Noah Harari. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. (2017) [NF]
  33. Nancy Isenberg. White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. (2016) [NF]
  34. William T.Vollmann. An Afghan Picture Show: Or, How I saved the World. (1992) [NF]
  35. John Crawford. The Last True Story I’ll Ever Tell: An Accidental Soldier’s Account of the War in Iraq. (2005) [NF]
  36. Tad Taleja. Foreignisms. (1989) [NF]
  37. John Forsyth. The Outsider. (2015) [NF]
  38. H.R.McMaster. Dereliction of Duty.(1997) [NF]
  39. Northrop Frye. The Educated Imagination. (1964) [NF]
  40. Benjamin Hale. The Wild and the Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature. (2016) [NF]
  41. Willim H.Gass. The World Within the Word. (1978) [Essays]

43.William H. Gass. Life Sentences: Literary Judgments and Accounts (2012) [Essays]

  1. William H. Gass. Finding A Form. (1996) [Essays]
  2. Jason Stanley. How Propaganda Works. (2015) [NF]
  3. Steven Pinker.Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language. (1999) [NF]
  4. J.Bryan III. Hodgepodge: A Commonplace Book. (1986) [NF]
  5. Diane Ackerman. The Zookeeper’s Wife. (2007) [NF]
  6. Jonathan Lethem. Motherless Brooklyn. (1999) [FICT]
  7. Lewis Carroll. Sylvie and Bruno. (1988[1890]) [FICT





The Chow Line Never Stops

At 0600 I wondered when the hummers would show. Answer: 0603. Beautiful! Shaksper is outside…eating snow, his fave.


Seeing Things on the Cusp of the Equinox

Walked over to Ford Lake last night, and Jambes Longues spotted something on a shore and we looked closer. It was a wolf, checking out the lake, about a hundred yards east of us, and we had the wind. Very cool. We love being close to wildlife, even the bears pooping in our yard.

This is on our south shore and this is the first reddish wolf we've seen.
This is on our south shore and this is the first reddish wolf we’ve seen.

Iron County Spin

Took a big spin through Iron County today, and caught a cow and calf moose on the way home. Lonnie got a couple of nice shots.

Mama and baby wondering what that sound was.
Mama and baby wondering what that sound was.
Mom-moose on the lookout while junior grazes behind and to her right.
Mom-moose on the lookout while junior grazes behind and to her right.

Thursday Morning Questions & Observations

In college, I  got four-point in nihilism. My mom was so proud.

You think Republicans and Democrats are pissed off about bailout bonus
babies: How about Commies?

I’m not too good in math, so help me with this. Okay, I got $8 million as a retention bonus from AIG and Congress is now
going to pass a law so the IRS can get 90% back and punish me.  You mean I
only get to keep $800,000? Boo hoo.

Fool: It’s the new four-letter word.

I’m not following this: Dubya’s Secretary of the Treasury demanded hundreds
of billions of $$, which he then gave to companies without asking on what,
how, or when they would spend it, and now the Republicans are pissed off at
the Democrats?

Did you read yesterday’s newspaper?
Oh wait, there aren’t any more newspapers.

Bin Laden is thought to be in Pakistan. Tell me again why we are sending more troops to

You heard it here first: Osama bin Laden and D.B. Cooper are sharing a cave.

Did I hear elected officials call for illegal vigilante actions against AIG
bonus babies, then excuse it as “just rhetoric?” Isn’t yelling “Fire” in a
crowded theater “just rhetoric?”

Has anyone noticed that in profile Sec Treasury Geithner looks a lot like
Bobby Kennedy? Or head-on, like a deer in the headlights? Every time I hear
him talk I wonder if English is his third or fourth language. Obviously “Finance” is his first language, but by all accounts he’s not fluent in that either.

Congressional hearings are the same as morality plays: Almost all make-believe, and without morale or morals.

How come there’s been no call for faith-based corporate bailouts?

What’s the exact amount of co-pay for health care for members of the US congress?

We support our troops. Tell me again: How?

How about we put all the AIG bonus babies into the Contender show, arm them
with rolls of nickels, and see who emerges as champion.

News this morning: The Federal Reserve is “dumping” another trillion into
the economy. What economy? Mars?

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced benefit from trickle-down economics, though I have frequently felt the government trickling down on me. Oh wait:  That’s just yellow rain.

Let me understand this: The nominal , self-appointed spokesperson for the Grand Old Party and
leftwing conservatives is a former Hillbilly heroin addict?

I was hunting birds  yesterday and accidentally shot a friend in the face.
When the cops came I told them to go away, we’d take care of things. I spent
the night in jail, trying to call Dick Cheney, but he refused to come to the phone.

‘Ave a noyce dye, mites.


Idle Thoughts

Never made it out to fish the trout opener yesterday. Watched the Red Wings Colorado game, and had graduation obligations, etc.  My daughter and her mutt Cooper were here for the weekend. She asked me to shoot a quick message to her students at Simeon High School in Chicago. Yo, I’m coming for a visit, real-talk only.

Have to admit I found myself buying an Idiot’s Guide in the grock line last week — A digest no less. What does that say about us that we will read digest versions of so-called complete Idiot’s Guides. Nothing positive, I fear. But I have some subject recommendations for the publishers. Some of these would be short in their longest form and nonexistent in digest form, for example the IG to Detroit Lions Superbowl Championships.

Other ID ideas:

Dumpster Diving

Aromatic Wild Animal Scat

Fishing EPA Superfund Sites

Cooking Glow-in-the-Dark Fish

Upper Peninsula Taxi Services

Air Baths

Alibis and Excuses

Fly Acquisition Disorder.


Enjoying Ten-Month Winters