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03 Apr

First Quarter Reading List, 2017

BOOKS 2017 [As of 4-2-17] William H. Gass. The World Within the Word. (1978) [ESSAYS] 2. Benjamin Hale. The Wild and the Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature. (2016) [NF] Alan Bennett. Writing Home. (1994) [NF] Mary Oliver. Upstream. (2016) [ESSAYS] Alan Bennett. Untold Stories. (2005) [ESSAYS] William H. Gass. Finding A Form (1996) [ESSAYS] John […]

19 May

The Chow Line Never Stops

At 0600 I wondered when the hummers would show. Answer: 0603. Beautiful! Shaksper is outside…eating snow, his fave.

23 Sep

Seeing Things on the Cusp of the Equinox

Walked over to Ford Lake last night, and Jambes Longues spotted something on a shore and we looked closer. It was a wolf, checking out the lake, about a hundred yards east of us, and we had the wind. Very cool. We love being close to wildlife, even the bears pooping in our yard.

02 Sep

Iron County Spin

Took a big spin through Iron County today, and caught a cow and calf moose on the way home. Lonnie got a couple of nice shots.

01 Mar

Michigan Loses One of It’s Own

Michigan conservation Officer William Cherry of Missaukee County died last night. Natural causes, no details. RIP. When one goes down, all feel the pain.

12 Feb

Black Squirrel

Black squirrel turning to gray, Note the tail. We have several in the backyard in the same morph.

19 Mar

Thursday Morning Questions & Observations

In college, I  got four-point in nihilism. My mom was so proud. You think Republicans and Democrats are pissed off about bailout bonus babies: How about Commies? I’m not too good in math, so help me with this. Okay, I got $8 million as a retention bonus from AIG and Congress is now going to […]

27 Apr

Idle Thoughts

Never made it out to fish the trout opener yesterday. Watched the Red Wings Colorado game, and had graduation obligations, etc.  My daughter and her mutt Cooper were here for the weekend. She asked me to shoot a quick message to her students at Simeon High School in Chicago. Yo, I’m coming for a visit, […]

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