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01 Feb

Fishing In-On My Mind

This is the introduction to a poetry collection called Fishing With The Famous. It is unlikely it will ever find a publisher, but the introduction is a good reminder that the 2017 fishing season is out there in front of us and most trouters will find anticipation building as we move from snow season to […]

15 Jan

Winter, the Creative Months

We’ve passed the Ides of January, which this year also fell on Friday, ergo a concern for all those afflicted with paraskevidekatriaphobia (from ????????? Paraskevi, Greek for Friday) or friggatriskaidekaphobia (after Frigg, the Norse goddess after whom Friday is named in English). This is in some ways and in some years my favorite time, largely because we are […]

09 Jan

Loogieless and Stumbling Into the New Year

We’ve acquired a virus here, both of us, and one of  us has morphed into pneumonia. The cacophony here is  an endless hack-fest of partridges flumping their wings for romantic attraction, a sound that never ends. I feel like I’ve been in a nine-day torso slug fest, like Sylvester Stallone in his meat locker, talking […]

02 Jan

2016 ANIMAL COUNT (Includes MI and Fla)

2016 was not a great year for wildlife watching, but here are the results: Ruby Throated Hummingbirds (86,071) Razzie (5,942) Pine Siskin (3,328) Rosebreasted  Grosbeak (1,850) Eastern Grosbeak (1,732) Sandhill Crane (1,363) Blue Jay (1,259) Cliff Swallows (1,125) Downy Woodpecker (1,035) Nuthatch (915) Red-breasted Nuthatch (799) Hairy Woodpecker (777) Redbelly Woodpecker (762) Northern Flicker (521) […]

31 Dec

2016 Reading List

Lots of good stuff here, some for enjoyment, some for edification. A lot of the list is in pursuit of information needed to think through certain books attempts, e.g. BROWN BALL (Latinos in the U.S.,  and baseball)  and FIVE GOLD RINGS (Shakespeare and his times, and World War II in Britain) 1) A.N.Wilson. The Elizabethans. […]

26 Dec

Painting Continues.

Lots of painting getting done. Here’s stuff in various stages of completion:

20 Dec

This Week’s Workpile

Revisions of Brown Ball finito (for this round) onto drawing for the week, and maybe next week too. Results so far….  

15 Dec

The Art and Use of Nap-Hats

I’ve always enjoyed hat of all kinds and have taken a number of jobs along the way that involved the wearing of helmets. It seems to me that most people only wear a hat, rather than inhabiting it. By this I mean a hat needs to fit in such a way that when you walk […]

13 Dec

Life of A Traveling “Suit.”

In Brussels April 18-23,1991. Idle observations at the end of the trip: April 22 was Lenin’s 121st B-day. His mausoleum was closed for repairs, which makes some wonder If this a signal; Last month Dmitri T. Yazov, Soviet Defense Minister, visited troops in the GDR without informing the German government – a serious breach of […]

10 Dec

The Riddle of the Five-Legged Dog

Most of what’s in this  installment is taken from the blog of a friend of a friend. It begins with her asking how the reader feels about living in a post-truth era. She asks, “Are you convinced there are no such things as fact This is a relevant discussion nowadays. She tells us, “My father […]

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