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01 Dec

Firearm Deer Season Ends Not with a Bang, But With You Know…

A pizza.  Say again? Seriously, a pizza, sort of. It is Wednesday, November 3, 2016,  the final day of the two-week Michigan  firearm deer season.CO Jeff Goss and I had just run a little trespass surveillance ferreting drill and went to a farm to talk to some probably suspects. As the interview progressed we heard […]

28 Nov

Weekend In a DNR Truck

EVENT 1: My partner CO Jeff Goss (Calhoun Co))  meets me at our traditional rendezvous spot in a small town south of Battle Creek — about an hour-drive east  of Portage. I chuck my gear in the truck and Jeff reports to Station 20 (The RAP Room in Constitution Hall in Lansing) that he is […]

22 Nov

A Day In The DNR Law Enforcement Cave

Drove to Lansing, yesterday and spent the day with our dispatchers in the Report All Poaching (RAP) room in Constitution Hall. After 16 years of hearing them from a truck radio, it was educational to spend time in the room. My biggest realizations: These folks block a lot of silly garbage from taking up the […]

17 Nov

Hunters’ Economic Contributions to the Michigan Economy

There are heaps of people out wearing orange hats and vests and carrying weapons, deer on car tops etc as the Michigan firearms deer season rolls along. It runs from Nov 15 to Nov 30. According to data from a group called Hunting Works For Michigan, Michigan hunters and target shooters spend $2.3 billion annually, […]

04 Dec

2015 Deer Season, Part 5 of 5

DAY 11: Saturday, November 28 – I meet CO Jeff Goss in Calhoun Co, dump my gear in his truck and we hit the road. We get a late start (1630 Hours) intending to work late. We both anticipate a lot of weekend activity. Jeff will be headed to the Conservation Officer Academy  in East […]

04 Dec

2015 Deer Season, Part 4

DAY 9: Monday, November 23 – Becky Hopkins and I are partnered again. Our first call comes early, at 0715. It’s nothing urgent but it wakes her up and we will deal with it later in the day. This morning we start west toward the lake shore and as we approach a pine plantation we […]

04 Dec

2015 Deer Season, Part 3

DAY 6: Thursday, November 19 – I talked to my partner CO Rich Stowe yesterday and this morning I drove from Benzonia over to Traverse City this morning to bunk several nights with Joe and Nan Harris, old friends from the Kalamazoo, Upjohn, hockey and soccer days. Rich picks me up at Noon at the […]

03 Dec

2015 Deer Season, Part 2

DAY 3: MONDAY, November 16 – CO Becky Hopkins and I start the day at 0800. Her yesterday was similar to ours; she got one illegal deer after a long foot pursuit during which we heard her huffing on the radio to her partner Justin Vanderlinde and all of us were laughing. CO camaraderie is […]

03 Dec

2015 Firearms Deer Season, Part 1

[This is Part 1 of 5] PORTAGE, Mi, Monday, Nov. 30, 2015– If you lose the juice for what you’re doing, it’s time to stop, meaning when my adrenaline stops pumping in anticipation of DNR patrols, it will be time to pack away the boots and gear, and stake for the glider. That time is […]

05 May

Rest of the Story….

OK, mystery solved. The “Story”  I posted earlier today was from  a box on the paper’s editorial page. To “get it,” you had to read the last paragraph of a nearby column,  which explained, “In searching our back issues for another story, I came across the article below, from the March 29, 1950, L’Anse Sentinel. […]

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