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16 May

Love Letters to a Community College Teacher

These are email note to  wife Lonnie. The spellings, phrasing, etc are as they came in. All the classes assignments, etc are posted on the college computer, so any student can look at any time to see exactly what will happen in class, and their current grade. In first class teacher tells the students that […]

13 May

Loveletters to a Schoolmarm

Jambe Longue just finished teaching two community college classes. Students are required to check the college’s web site weekly. On that site are all the requirements for each course,  whatg is done in every class, for the entire semester, including supplies and the student’s current grade in that class.  But folks of the electronic generation […]

18 Jan

Excerpts from College Entry Essays of 1980 High School Graduates

HS: Writing samples from Class of 1980.  And education is suddenly questionable? Could it be that by and large a large number of 17- and 18-yr-olds are not very competent at anything, and never have been? Just wondering out loud. Over. “I believe that the people of Michigan have had it way to good and […]

21 Sep

Letter from The Outer Fringes of Extremoland

A teacher friend forwarded the following letter, which arrived in her email this week. The letter-writer is not the student’s legal guardian, in fact that person’s relationship to the student is unknown and far from clear. I keep wondering (perhaps wrongly) what political tract/tome all this mishmash of political/social rhetoric was lifted from. I certainly […]

02 Feb


My daughter took 8 hours to drive 40 miles through  the storm yesterday after her students were dismissed at 1300. It’s a drive she won’t soon forget.

10 Nov

The Unreality of Teaching

My daughter grew up always wanting to be a teacher — like her late mom,  and she became one.  She did her internship (what used to be called student teaching) in Kalamazoo. The experience there was only marginally better than what I am about to share.  Michigan is on the verge of sinking as a […]

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