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06 Apr

At Bookbug in Two Weeks

Exclusive First Listen w/ Author Joe Heywood The promotion of the Book Bug says, “Fans of Joe Heywood: Join us for a VIP preview of some of Joe’s not-yet published short stories. He wants to see what YOU think of some of his new, surprising characters. Joe will also read excerpts from his Woods Cop […]

20 Feb

February in Michigan, Temperature in the 60s (?)

Sheesh, this weather seems like a fantasy so why not go whole hog… YO!, ALERT! THIS IS NOT REAL, THIS IS NOT REAL….! “By the Book” New York Times Book Review Joseph Heywood This weekly feature appears in the New York Time Book Review and features either authors of hot books, or writing greats and […]

28 Jan

Oklahoma City and Now: How Things Were 22 years A

It was April 19, 1995 when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed.  Before this heinous event I had invested several years in researching domestic terrorism and in writing a Novel I called The 47th Day. I had also been tracking terrorist groups  country by country ( and terrorist) events around […]

06 Dec

Book Signing, Kazoo Books, 1-2:30 P.M. Saturday Dec. 10, 2016

7th Annual Author Hop & Merry Mitten Holiday Event Our biggest event of the year! Meet area authors, chat over refreshments, pick up a new book (signed books make great gifts!). Mystery, memoir, contemporary fiction and local history will all be represented. Children’s authors & Illustrators will take over our annex for a concurrent Merry […]

05 Dec

Note to Self, Outside New York is China

Portage, December 5, 2016: From the Author’s Journals, Oct 23-25, 1987.  My Editor, Joe Fox, wanted me to fly to Houston for  the city’s annual Authors’ Dinner.  On Random House’s dime, natch.  I agreed and one of the Random House people called to “help with arrangements.” The Random House  facilitaor asked if I preferred to […]

20 Nov

Upcoming Book Signing Event: December 10, 2016

Kazoo Books Author Hop/Merry Mitten Event is scheduled for Saturday, December 10, 2016. The store is located at 2413 Parkview Avenue, Kalamazoo. Drop by to shoot the breeze with your favorite authors, get books autographed, have a cookie and tea or coffee. Hang out. Lonnie and I will probably arrive a little before out 1 […]

20 Nov

Journal Entries from Exactly 33 Years Ago Today

PORTAGE WINTERING-OVER CAMP: Sunday, November 20, 2016 — Winter, after a long delay has finally showed its ugly mug. Snowed yesterday and it is dusting again this morning as the temperature has dipped into the twenties  the last two nights and is forecast to do so again tonight. We have the contract set on the […]

17 Nov

On the Road to New York City, September 1986

All the years I traveled around U.S. and elsewhere,  I kept notes, some brief, some in depth. Been cleaning the studio,  and organizing files, ran across some travel stuff. Not in any order, but  this all took place during one Big Apple trip. This trip was strictly for biz,  and on my dime to meet […]

15 Nov

Excerpt From a novel in development, BROWN BALL

The following is an excerpt from the opening of a new novel to be called Brown Ball. I started writing it January25, 2012 and is now finished in draft form. Read and enjoy. It’s not the woods cops, but it is about life — in the form of baseball — for a to-be 13-year-old in […]

06 Nov

Writers Talking Writertalkytalkishly

PORTAGE: A FAR-FAR TREK FROM DA YOOP , Sunday, November 6, 2016 — Having spent 186 days with wolves, moose, and bears as our neighbors, we have returned Below The Bridge (BTB).  I decided that this fall and winter I should make an effort to slide into the fringe of the so-called local writing community. […]

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