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24 Mar

Zorro Composes Flash Fiction

My old aircraft commander and pal, Zorro E.D., sent the following story to me today, wondering if I might find a publication home for it. A Pilot’s Story:                                                       Once  […]

18 Feb

Memories Are Made of This

Thor’s Hammer, Thud Memories I know   that some of you are deeply alergic to Long E-Mailed Harangues.  I      didn’t write this one and it is NOT political. I am not      sure that anyone is more nostalgic than an old pilot, particularly military      ones and most particularly old combat pilots.  I certainly see it in      […]

17 Apr

More From the Wars, Hot and Cold

Note from my Pal Ed Haerter this morning, re the TIME story and other militaria. Most people today, even the adults are totally clueless about what went on during the cold war and most kids don’t even know what the term means. But here’s one anecdote of the kinds of things that happened. Joe, I […]

15 Apr

TIME Magazine Story on KC-135 Crash

Reporter  called me yesterday, put story up today. Here’s how to get to it. Over. —

27 Feb

Air Tales from Airline Aircrews

From pilot pals, from the civilian airline side. Airline Crew Stories: Some of these stories are somewhat unusual to say the least but the closest I experienced was as a brand new Captain at age 38, I flew a flight with the number 1 flight attendant , Ida Staggers, in the back who referred to […]

22 Feb

Infamous Aircraft Accident

Boom operator forwarded this to friends from 46 ARS, who forwarded to me. I don’t remember the incident. But the report is instructive in a drone world.   [INTROs WITH THE EMAIL] I graduated UPT at Laughlin on 3 Sep, 1967 in class 68-B. This accident happened in front of the next graduating class 68-C. […]

21 Dec

Photo Blasts from the Past

My former pilot Art Smith (and wife MaryJo)  sent along some great pix of some of my artwork from the 1960s. Art drove B-57s in the Guard, then RF-101s in Vietnam before joining us in the tanker force. Great guy, great pilot, and our irrepressible super pro boom operator Rick Clark. The photo of the […]

04 Nov

More History From the Air

November 2013                                       Editor’s note: I like this photo just because it displays the Thud’s distinctive silhouette so well. Note that the KC-135 still has the original J-57 engines with the signature black smoke stains on the flaps from those interminable takeoff rolls with water injection howling and all the crew pushing. One day at […]

18 Oct

Slow and Low in an SR-71

As some infamous aviator said a long time ago, “ALTITUDE IS LIFE, AIRSPEED IS LIFE INSURANCE!!!     Brian   Shul, Retired SR-71 Blackbird Pilot via Plane and Pilot Magazine     As a former SR-71 pilot and keynote speaker, the question I’m most often   asked is :     ‘How fast would that […]

10 Oct

In a Weirding Time, Weird Theories Abound

The government is shutdown. Politicrappis are going freakozoid over the gamesmanship being played in the nation’s capital. Putting this entry under The Right Stuff might have been better under the Wrong Stuff, but I don’t have that category available, so here it sits. How all this  political unrest, polarity and sheer folly can manifest is […]

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