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25 May

Upcoming Appearance: June 23, L’Anse, Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College

  My part in this will be a 20-30 minute talk on some of the technical aspects of fiction writing. (Not too technical or I wouldn’t be able to figure it out…) All– You are invited to Minwaajimo–Telling a Good Story, A Gathering of Creative Writers from 2-9 pm on Friday, June 23, 2017. The […]

29 Oct

When The Manuscript is Finished, Life Happens

Alberta Village, Baragastan – There is always a somewhat peculiar mix of emotions when a new manuscript is finished. Late last night I e-mailed A SPORTING OF SKELETONS to my agent in NYC, the ms. being the 11th in the Woods Cop series. I began writing this story 15-16 months ago but hit it heavily […]

29 Oct

Thinking About Water

The website and blog have been off the air for awhile. The lads whose gizmos carry my website were swarmed by asshole hackers and thus we all had to be “cleaned.” Now we are back up and I will post things that didn’t get posted previously.  Lonnie and I are now back in SW Michigan […]

10 Aug

Happy Humpday

Happy Humpday, All!  BTW, my “handle” in my AF days was “The Hump,”  the derivations ow which shall go unexplained here. My writer and artist friends know how sweet the feeling when the juice spigot is full on and the pushing pressure more than enough for placer mining. Last week a friend regaled me with […]

18 Jun

Wolves as Poetry

Our neighbor Dick and his dogs Wally and Chester (chockie labs) have seen six wolves within 200 or so yards of our house over the past 10 days. We think the Alberta pack  has pups back in their rendevous area in the swamp west of here– teaching  their newbies to hunt beavers. Wish they’d ask […]

12 Jun

Woodticking on Joe Roads

Past few days, batting about (woodticking) in the boonies. Some random photos follow.

28 May

Perusing Files and Cleaning House

 ALBERTA VILLAGE:  BARAGASTAN, Saturday, May 28, 2015 — Back in my suit and loose-tie days ( ended  May Day, 18 years ago) one of my many tasks involved gathering intel on social and political developments in all the 150 or so countries where we operated. Much good info was fed to the Home Office  by our […]

22 May


FORD VILLAGE, ALBERTA, BARAGASTAN: Sunday, May 22, 2016 –Yesterday in Marquette to sign books and browse. Greeted in the store by Owliver the Discerning Owl. And humans too. Photos follow the blog. Today was  pretty laid back, reading, etc. We Met Randy and Sally Clarke for dinner at the Hilltop. They are headed BTB after […]

17 May

Find the Mala, Count Your Mantras

Tuesday, May 17, Ford Center, Alberta, Baragastan – No I don’t know diddly-beans about Yoga (Yogi Berra, you bet, Yogi Bear, Yes, Yoga the metaphysical stuff, uh-uh). Yoga Journal is Jambe Longue’s Maggie, which she uses to help her keep her ouchy back from barking and seizing up. The mag features stories such as “How […]

02 May

Last Saturday In April Here and Gone

MONDAY, MAY 2, ALBERTA, BARAGASTAN — We’re back on the Ford Forestry Campus of Michigand Tech and for tech reasons beyond our control, couldn’t post this last week. But the glorious trout opener has passed and fine weather it was. I put up the following for folks to enjoy and think about while trying to […]

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