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29 Jan

Immutable Baker’s Dozen of Laws Concerning Fly Fishing

Over the years we each come to understand and codify our own laws governing fly fishing. Yours will reflect your own experience. I offer mine here: LAW 1: You’re totally on your own when you are on the river. LAW 2: The best time to fish is when you can go. Even if the fish […]

28 Jan


A couple of years ago, from my log book: Friday a doe crashed through the woods, leaped into the river without pause. Pyschology in Action: Flight over Fight. I hooked a good fish, whacked the hook to him thrice. He jumped, alligator-rolled, and the white streamer popped free. Two eagles hovered just downstream, either pre-coital […]

27 Jan

Obits That Grab Your Attention

Over the weekend I’ve been reading 19th century obituaries from all around the Upper Peninsula. Such fare is good for finding unusual names, not to mention the seeds of a potentially interesting novel. To wit: Saturday, May 1, 1897 this obituary was published. “Christine Bounekessel died at Bessemer Sunday, aged 99 years. She had the […]

24 Jan

God Speaks

I wrote in Covered Waters how I get to fish with God — not the God of on-high, but Godfrey W. Grant, a Loosiana boy [BAH-TAWN ROUGE Cher!] transplanted to Michigan and a by-god trout-chasing machine. Over the years God and I have seen some stuff — as they say. In one of his former […]

23 Jan

Thinking About Flies

It happens this way every January: The weather is clear and still (translation: clear up to our butts and still snowing). The fly shop catalogs start to arrive and my mind leaves the snow and starts to thinking about mosquito nights on U.P. rivers. I have it in mind this year that I need to […]

21 Jan

Winter Musings

I had email from a young man this morning who used to play hockey for me — long long ago. He’s working on a novel and says he keeps re-writing the same 100 pages. I gave him the advice someone gave me a long time ago: Write the story through so that you have a […]

20 Jan

Nose-Pinching Air

Sunday, January Something-or-tuther. Shanny and I took our daily walk this afternoon. Usually he’s off chasing around looking for rabbit or deer scent (best of all: something gross to roll in), but today he stayed close and, by the time we got back, I had to pull snowballs from between his foot pads. He nearly […]

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