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22 Feb

Empty Bowls and Louie, Louie

  Last night I had the privilege of helping at a Portage Schools event called “Empty Bowls.” Children from all of our Portage Schools art classes (elementary through high school) made bowls to represent the plight of the hungry and last night people came to Portage Northern High School to buy the bowls by “donation.” It […]

20 Feb


I like to make up words and experiment with vocabulary.  Here’s a few from my notebooks: Alfalfadil: A botanist’s experiment. Amnesia nervosa: A disorder brought on by the inability to remember what is making you nervous or upset. Beard: Prosthetic device for the chinless. Been-to-Badge: Metaphor for business travel experiences. Blonk: A wonk’s blog. Bobology: […]

19 Feb

Random Thoughts

Green dolphins lose their color in the boat. With people, it’s vice versa.   I once heard camping by street people  in SF described on NPR as a nuisance crime.   Why do we call quarry “game?” It’s anything but for them.   My sometime fishing partner, a Native American: Howls-When-Hooked.   Music you’ll never […]

17 Feb

“Miracle” Remembered

I believe tomorrow is the anniversary of the US Olympic hockey team beating the Soviet team in Lake Placid in 1980, and then going on to win the gold medal.  The game against the Soviets still defies logic and serves as a shining example that in any one-time contest, the outcome can swing either direction. […]

10 Feb

Walking Cold

We’re ten days into February, the amount of daylight is getting longer and the winter is now pretty much on the downside, relatively speaking. Historically we will be snow-free by the end of March when the high school boys basketball finals are played. Some more snow can fall after that in April, and even into May […]

07 Feb

Signs That You Don’t Have a Life…

Some years back (we shall not be specific here) I sat at Theo and Stacey’s Restaurant one lunch time with my friend and colleague Cheryl Dore and we decided to come up with some philosophical thoughts to help people diagnose the quality of their lives. I’m still waiting for your next batch, Cheryl. But I’m […]

06 Feb

An Imbed’s Lessons

A DNR PR person once labeled me the DNR imbed – the term used for journalists who went along with troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the ridealong role I have made a few observations over the past half-dozen years.   1)      Green and gray are colors of substance, not gender.   2)      You are […]

03 Feb

Say It Ain’t So

Okay, the Over Bowl 42 leads me to only one conclusion. The Manning FAMILY has won two more super bowls than the Detroit Lions. Good night. I need another beer.

03 Feb

There Ain’t No Word For “Super” in Most Languages, Dudes

Okay, it’s a big day in some U.S. households —  not  so much in this house. One statistic from history says a lot: Super Bowl-42, Detroit Lions-0. That’s right, el skunko, zippo, nada. The game’s been played twice at Michigan venues, but Lions players, like the rest of us mere mortals, presumably had to pay to […]

01 Feb

Big Snow Memories

We had our second snow day in three days today and recently “celebrated” the 30-year anniversary of the legendary 1978 blizzard. I decided to query some of my own pals, who had not been in Kalamazoo back then, by sending along some photograpahs of that event. Reg Bernard, my old hockey teammate and fishing partner, […]

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