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31 Mar

Woodstick Men of MSU

Old Memories Given New Green Blood Saturday we got together with teammates from the original Michigan State lacrosse club, which started in the 1962-63 season, and became a varsity sport in 1970. It was downgraded to club status again in 1996 due to Title 10 considerations. With almost 100 men’s high school teams now playing […]

27 Mar

Mystery Writers to Read

People frequently ask me which writers I enjoy reading. The fact is that I read between 75-130 books a year, so it’s hard to say X or Y. The following list is on the eclectic side, but I  believe I’ve read and enjoyed everything these authors have written (if translated into English).The main location of their […]

24 Mar


Lacrosse reunion looming, my mind keeps spinning backwards: * Midnight, going into my fiftieth birthday, the moment of L, the dog shat curlies in the upstairs bath. It was old then, neutered and fat, with volcanic tumors under its thick coat, incontinent, ashamed. It had always been obedient, anxious to please, physically separating the children […]

23 Mar


Watersmeet A thoughtful young poet from far Watersmeet Entered into the All  U.P. track meet Puzzled by cries Of “why poet why?” Said he, “My fortes are meters and feet.” Marquette A traveller arrived  one July in Marquette Certain his summer vacation was all set But imagine his surprise When snow nipped his eyes As […]

22 Mar

Spring Snow

Yesterday, our second day of spring, we had 14 inches of fresh, wet, heavy snow. What we really need for our fish, rivers, and lakes is a slow melt-off to allow maximum penetration of the aquifers. This rarely happens, but we shall see. Yesterday I heard a geography professor on NPR telling listeners that based […]

20 Mar

Vernal Equinox

This is the first day of spring and we are expecting overcast skies, and rain.  A 24-hour spike into the high 50s last week had people out in T-shirts and driving their convertibles with the tops down. The birds are out in full force. In the past week, robins have returned, and sandhill cranes are beginning […]

15 Mar

More Joecabulary

beavery: nightspot for women binbombs: loose stuff in the overhead bin in an airliner big blue scissors: American Airlines logo Bordeaugasm: the effect a really fine wine has on some people buttbumping: rough ride on dirt road dejasdoodoo: in the same shit again francflogging: getting rid of your loose foreign change at the airport cloudshroud: […]

13 Mar

Strike Dog & First Sighting

Check out Dave Richey Outdoors ( for the latest book review of Strike Dog. Dave is the retired outdoor writer for the Detroit News and also well known for making his way around the U.P.’s secret places. T0day we also spotted our first robin of spring.

11 Mar

Da Boids

Red-tail Pair Setting Up House  Today the hawk pair was again  in evidence; but this time they were in flight and we tracked them to a snaggy sort of mature oak tree where they are building, or perhaps refurbishing a nest. Haven’t noticed a nest in this location before. Nearest one I’m aware of is […]

10 Mar

The Birds, Act II

Today, the neighborhood lovebirds moved west 400 yards to communications antennae atop the Portage water tower. No problem, great vantage point, but it’s fifty yards from Haverhill School and guess what the boids was doing? Fortunately it was an hour before school’s out, so unless the kids were daydreaming out the windows….

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