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30 May

Odd Spring

I can’t remember a spring when there were so many flowering trees in full bloom for so long, or so few birds on bird feeders. Yesterday I found a lightning bug on a leaf — lightning bugs in May? We usually don’t see them until late June or early July around here. And yesterday Shanny […]

28 May

No-pim-ming: In the Woods

Aborigines in Australia have a word, da dirri, which I think  means a sort of deep contemplation, perhaps even a form of meditation.  I find myself in dadirri whenever I am no-pim-ming, which is Ojibwa for “in the woods.” Late this spring I developed atrial fibrilation — an irregular heartbeat, and of course it came […]

20 May

Wilma Catherine Heywood, 1918 – 2008

My mother died May 18 the way she lived, quietly with dignity and resolve. Like many women of her generation, she was ironically passive aggressive and fearless and did not offer opinions unless sought, at which time you would get them unvarnished. She left her three sons a note to help us with her funeral.  Her […]

12 May

Reading List

I get asked all the time what I’m reading. Usually I don’t have a response because I can’t remember. But I’ve kept a list for years and I add to it as I finish a book. If friends call I make recommendations off the list. What follows is what I’ve read so far this year, […]

12 May

Thoughts Whilst Walking Around

Shanahan and I just came in from our walk. We’re seeing the mating hawks almost every day. They’ve laid an egg in the first nest — closest to the walking trail, and I see one of them hunting almost every time I’m ambling. Two days ago I watched two crows attack one of the redtails for […]

08 May

Map Miasma

I’ve got the table downstairs covered with USGS 7.5-minute quad maps, all taped and glued together — just like the old navigating days when we spent a lot of hours just assembling the charts we’d use for our various missions and flights. Chart and planning errors these days are a lot more forgiving than those made while hurtling […]

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