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14 Jun

Friday the Thirteenth

Yesterday, I assume,  was Hell day for paraskevidekatriaphobics, the sort of superstition I normally don’t even lift an eye to, but I’ll report some funny coincidences of the day past. First, it was Friday the 13th and Longlegs and I wanted to see the new Indiana Jones film, so we went to the theater, bought […]

10 Jun

Big Flies, Big Fish: The Cusp of Hex Time

Got medical clearance yesterday to meander north and will start next week with five nights chasing the hex hatch [two afoot, three floats].  If you’re not a trout fisherman you may know the huge fly hexagenia limbata as a fishfly or Michigan Mayfly or even Michigan Caddis. When these humongous bugs hatch, just about all […]

01 Jun

Earning-of-Wings Day

Great morning for being outside: the baby chickadees nesting in the old basketball goal out front showed up on the rusted orange rim this morning and took their first flight into the maple tree. Then on the walk, it was a family of titmice with two young-uns, fluttering about noisily in the sumac and one of […]

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