Muttsker Mein

This is Shanahan, Shanny, part Newfie and part flatcoat retriever, turned six in June, an unapologetic hunter of anything that tries to flee, especially in the backyard — squirrels, possums, rabbits, woodchucks, moles, mice, the occasional crippled birds, toads, frogs, etc. An omnivore in choices, he does not eat what he kills. But once he snapped up a toad the size of my hand, more or less inhaled it, and then spent the next two hours frothing at the mouth and gagging, but everything came out all right in the end, to coin a phrase.



During a recent visit to the mouth of the Two-Hearted, he wanted to fetch stones, but he’s color blind and ergo did a lot of standing around and staring into the water like he was trying to decide. Later in the day on the Indian River near Steuben he found some leopard frogs out and about and naturally instinct kicked in. Only his sniffer for amphibs doesn’t seem too keen. The one he’s hunting is sitting on the log looking down at the big dumb black mutt. You know what they say: The mutt don’t fall all thar far from the master’s tree.



33 Days on Da Yoop Road

French explorers found the Porkies, which the Ojibwa had named because the silhouette from a distance looked like a crouching porkie. Once into the area, the explorers found Lake of the Clouds, originally called Carp lake, shortened from Escarpment Lake. This shot is from the escarpment looking east toward sundown. On the way back to the truck we found several deer along the way and even in the parking lot. We were the only people on the mountain that evening -- but lots of skeeties. If you haven\'t been to Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, you owe it to yourself to go have a look. It\'s one of Michigan\'s jewels for sure, eh.Hi. We’re back after a 33-day jaunt across the UP, missing only one county out of 15 over the month. Spent two weeks as artist-in-residence at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park and it was wonderful. The first fourth of July in my life where I heard not one firecracker, rocket or mortar shell.  If you look in the cartoon section you’ll find 50 cartoons and a few sketches I made during the two weeks. If you look under pages in the site, you’ll find a presentation I made up there. The rest of the trip I’ll spin out over time here, with some photos to accompany. Hope everyone is having a nice, safe, and productive summer. Also happy to announce that my friend Major Steve Burton has returned from Baghdad, where his outfit was clearing mines off road routes. Welcome home, pal. Well done. Thanks for serving all of us and for coming home safely to your kids, friends,  and family.

More in the days ahead, friends. The second photo here is the shape that made Native Americans think the mountains resembled a crouching porcupine,  a name early French and British explorers quickly picked up on.