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Archive for July, 2008

31 Jul

Muttsker Mein

This is Shanahan, Shanny, part Newfie and part flatcoat retriever, turned six in June, an unapologetic hunter of anything that tries to flee, especially in the backyard — squirrels, possums, rabbits, woodchucks, moles, mice, the occasional crippled birds, toads, frogs, etc. An omnivore in choices, he does not eat what he kills. But once he snapped […]

29 Jul

33 Days on Da Yoop Road

Hi. We’re back after a 33-day jaunt across the UP, missing only one county out of 15 over the month. Spent two weeks as artist-in-residence at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park and it was wonderful. The first fourth of July in my life where I heard not one firecracker, rocket or mortar shell.  If you […]

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