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27 Aug

CWD in Kent County Facility: Bad News for Deer Hunters in Michigan

The Michigan DNR has in the past few days announced that Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been detected in a captive cervid herd in Kent County. As I understand it, all cervids in that facility will have to be destroyed. And all baiting is now banned across the Lower Peninsula. If CWD spreads, it will potentially […]

24 Aug

108 Reasons to Fish for Trout

Da Nose, Boss. Da Nose!                 One photo to offer: from last summer, night fishing. Mein Gott! I swear za infamous “Heywood Nose” grows larger every year. As does my gut. Back from camp last friday: Five of our six Bullshidos eventually straggled in. Lars Hjalmquist, originally from Ironwood, and now […]

16 Aug


Gravel Pat, Schoolcraft County Weekend here. Olympics on… sort of. The opening ceremony put on by the Chinese was…way too much and way too little, if you get my meaning. Instead of politics I’d rather look closer to home and share some pix for your viewing pleasure. Have a nice weekend. It’s perfect fishing weather.

13 Aug

Psyching Up for Bullshido Camp

                                Next week the Bullshido boys (the youngest just turned 57 or 58 and what is it about trouters and hockey players that cause us to call each other boys?) and I will convene at trout fishing camp near Baldwin; it’s been more than 3o consecutive years now but I’ve lost track […]

07 Aug

Trout Fishing Notes from the Porkies

The notes that follow area from the journal I kept during my two weeks as artist in residence. The journal will later this year go to Friend of the Porkies who will add it to their collection of original works. The two photos will give you a sense of the low water and beautiful surroundings. […]

06 Aug

Inexplicably Yoop

Uncle Mike (brother-in-law Mike Phillips), Jambe Longue (Longlegs) and I were out searching for the old Ropes Gold Mine north of Ishpeming. We found all sorts of serpentine with white hairs of chrysoltile (asbestos) all along the two-track, but never located the mine. At the front end, where we left the Green Streamer, we found […]

05 Aug

The Unexpected: Good, Bad & Ugly.

One of the best parts of exploring the UP is taking roads you’ve not taken before. One day in mid-July we left Bay Furnace west of Munising and headed north up a peninsula on 5 Mile Point Road. The road’s a little bumpy and sort of washed out and washboarded in some places, but with a relatively […]

05 Aug

More From Da Yoop

The Caves of Fiborn About twenty years ago, or so, I was traveling alone in the U.P. sort of looking around and one morning found myself on the floor of something called Fiborn Quarry, which looked like the surface of the moon. I was there because I had read that the DNR had planted brown […]

04 Aug

Solitude and Beauty Blend in the Porkies

The late Dan Urbanski of Silver City had a dream of an artist-in-residence program for Porcupine Wilderness State Park. Urbanski, the one-time-Detroiter-turned-Yooper was an award-winning professional photographer and an artist who loved the Porkies and its surrounding areas, which he explored with great gusto, year-round. Dan passed away before he could see his dream come to […]

02 Aug

Stuff You Never Knew About (Or How My files Contain Some Great Leads)

I can’t talk for other authors, and can barely talk for myself, but I have for too many years to contemplate kept some fairly extensive if somewhat eclectic files. They’re not technically organized: That is, they aren’t in some sort of internationally sanctioned, scientifically recognizable order. But I can sort of remember that the bit I […]

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