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30 Sep

Presidential Politics Become Personal

Earlier this month I got a note from a friend in state government telling me how Barack Obama’s people, while the senator was on campaign swing through Battle Creek, insisted that all uniformed police stay out of any camera shots. I followed up on the report with other sources, who confirmed it. Naturally, I wondered […]

29 Sep

Moanday Morning

Moanday morning, cleaning and re-organizing files – avoiding meaningful work. My former agent, Betsy Nolan used to live part of the year in Australia and regularly send me copies of interesting items from the Ozzie media. Thought I’d share some of it before it goes circular. There, of course, were few dates or names of […]

26 Sep

50th Anniversary, Anatomy of a Murder

My remarks for tomorrow in Lansing can be found by highlighting the PAGE, “Searching for Johnny-Bob’s Trout.”

25 Sep


In the Cree tongue (which is close kin to Ojibwa) the word, ka-na-tan means clean, and implies no city, no congestion, drugs, alcohol, overpopulation – “urban” or “white societal traits. Two days ago Jambe Longue took a walk down “our” neighborhood trail and found that it had been brutally brush-hogged to make room for new […]

23 Sep

Rocking & Rolling

Just made another quick Yoop trip, again to beef-up rock and driftwood supplies for winter’s creative works. The manuscript for Woods Cop No 7, Hard Green Violets, is done and will go to NY later this month. And I’ve started No. 8, Force of Blood, and am far enough along into it to take a […]

15 Sep

Stoned On Whitefish

Herein some of the rocks collected during a recent visit to Whitefish Point. All of these have been photographed wet and after tumbling 5-6 days in 80 grit. Polishing will occur this winter. Enjoy.

14 Sep

‘Grilled’ Moose: The Off-Duty Life of a Conservation Officer

Sometimes people reading the Woods Cops mysteries find it hard to believe how totally consuming and unpredictable a conservation officer’s job can be. What follows are photos, just received this morning from Iron County. They depict a moose struck by a truck south of Crystal Falls on US-2, and there — of course — is […]

13 Sep

More on the No-Feeding Order BTB

With Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) found in one deer in a fenced in hunting farm in Kent County, the Natural Resources Committee has implemented a ban for all supplemental deer feeding BTB (Below the Bridge). A column in today’s Kalamazoo Gazette warns people with bird feeders to be careful. We feed birds in our backyard […]

12 Sep

Good Reads & A Website Note

I don’t usually recommend books, but in this case I’m making an exception. The two novels are: Carlos Ruiz Zefon’s, The Shadow of the Wind; and Jennifer Lee Carrell’s, Interred With Their Bones. Both will transport you to a different world, which is a real achievement in literature. Friday moanin, this, rainy and sticky but […]

11 Sep

The Teeming Autumn Big With Rich Increase

“The teeming autumn big with rich increase, bearing the wanton burden of the prime like widowed wombs after their lords decease.” Shakespeare’s words, capturing the magic of the fall change, the death of one season, the promise of the next. Over this past weekend it was a rock-collecting expedition to Lake Michigan (mostly fossils) and […]

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