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31 Oct

Treading Water

Finished a painting today that’s been sitting on my easel for six months. Now I feel like kicking back. All the little ghouls will be out tonight. Ironically I had to have a blood draw this morning, and my ghoul stunk of too much perfume and couldn’t find a vein and had to call in […]

30 Oct

Night Musings

I’m in that mode of going to bed early and getting up in middle of the night, in part because two manuscripts are now working in my head (to the tune of about 5000 words each, and each trying to take over my life) and partly because I’m trying to shift my body clock to […]

27 Oct

Size and Stuff

Eight of 15 Upper Peninsula counties are larger in area than the state of Rhode Island, and Marquette County is only a hair smaller than the state of Delaware. Eight counties below the bridge have population densities below the most populated county in the U.P. Rhode Island, which has less land area than 8 UP […]

23 Oct

Fishing With God

It’s been a few years since I fished with God, but we figured it was time and I fetched him from his place at 0730 Wednesday morning and we drilled north in the darkness in the Green Streamer, dodging morning deer, and discussing politics and the state of the world and country. It was a […]

20 Oct

Niboowin in the Air

Had a wonderful weekend, Saturday, talking to folks in Owosso and Durand and lots of color splashes here and there, though in some areas the process still hasn’t really started to go full force. For some reason my mind kept turning back to the significance of the splendid colors — sort of a last gasp […]

17 Oct

Words From the Past

More office cleaning. I found the following Joe-cabulary entries in one of my notebooks from the days when I was doing extensive international travel. These would date to the mid to late 1980s. Enjoy: Binbombs: loose items in overhead bins in aircraft Binbow: bulge in bins from too much stuff packed in Bizboze: Someone always […]

16 Oct

With Mirth and Laughter Let Old Wrinkles Come

The quote is from Mr. Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” and I send it along as a thank you for the “fye” 65th birthday cards; they’re not Flaming Hots, but they’re crunk. My personal thanks to certain students of Ms. Hollywood at Simeon Career Academy in Chicago. My personal thanks to: Anshanti, Ashley, Asia, Brettany, Camale, […]

16 Oct

Fun Photos

Over the last week, the color change around here kicked in. Will be in Owosso and Durand on Saturday, meeting folks at the libraries there, 10:3) in Owosso and Durand at the Durand Depot at 2 p.m. Should be an excellent color tour up and back. Friends Dean and Christine were in the Yoop this […]

11 Oct

Gold in Town

Fifteen or so years ago for one brief summer I had the pleasure of coaching a young soccer player named Lindsay Tarpley. She was nine, playing with 12-year-olds and I saw right off that there was something special about her. This past week Tarps was in town to be honored by her community, and I […]

06 Oct

GLBA “Authors’ Feast” and Other Wan’d’rings

Last friday night I attended the “Authors’ Feast” of the GLBA (Great Lakes Booksellers Assn.) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dearborn. Sat next to John Grogan (Marley and Me) for the post-dinner autographing session. He is as funny and genuine in person as in print and because he once worked for the Kalamazoo Gazette […]

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