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28 Nov

Typical Woods Cop Night

Last Tuesday night on a county not far from here my partner and I were patrolling a muddy-icy dirt road beside a corn field and we saw an individual wearing an orange hat, without a weapon, crossing cornrows. It was about 5:30 or so, and dark. My partner identified himself as a conservation officer and […]

27 Nov

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to each and all. More postings next week.

25 Nov

Tales from the Woods

Later today I’m working in a nearby county with a conservation officer, but I woke up this morning thinking about the just-completed trip to the Yoop and discussion I had yesterday with one of my sons about so-called (sometimes rarely seen) hunter ethics. Below is a photo of Dave Painter in Iron County. The small […]

23 Nov


More from the deer season trip.

23 Nov

Anal Beads, Eagles, Weed, & Priest Camp: Notes from the North Country

Howdy. Back last night after a 12-day sojourn in the Yoop to work with COs and observe the shenanigans of firearm deer season. Actually I was headed home on the 20th, but it took me four hours to drive 90 miles from Houghton to Marquette so I sought refuge with my brother-in-law Mike Phillips, wife […]

20 Nov


I am currently in Marquette and more or less snowed in. When I came through Ishpeming-Negaunee early this morning the snow was coming down at 6 inches an hour. It took me four hours to drive the 90 miles from Houghton, so I decided to hole-up rather than press on. Been a great trip to […]

10 Nov

Marine Corps Order No. 47, Series 1921

Ooh-rah! Today is the 233 birthday of the United States Marine Corps (nee, the naval infantry….). You can bet that Grady Service and Luticious Treebone will celebrate with all other marines. Notice I don’t characterize them as former marines because there’s no such thing as “former”: Once a marine, always a marine. Ooh-rah! The birthday […]

09 Nov

On Da Whenever-Whatever-Wherever Road

Spent last three days on CO patrols. Night before I got there, CO got a four-person shining crew,  (shooter, spotlighter, mule, crow]. A 911 call came into the county and shots could be heard on he call.  The CO tracked them south through the county , eventually saw their lights and heard shots, and moved […]

06 Nov


05 Nov

An Historic Night in America

I did not vote for Barack Obama. Nor did I vote for John McCain. But this morning I feel proud to be an American and I feel great pride in our country for Obama’s election. I thank John McCain for his gracious concession speech and as we could expect from the patriot he is, for […]

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