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31 Dec


To ignore the existence of spellcheck. This poem by “Sauce Unknown” should serve as our reminder. Eye halve a spelling chequer it came with my pea sea it plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea. Eye strike a key and type a word It nose bee fore two say, Weather iamb […]

24 Dec

Score One For the Mason Tract

All you White Christmutts should be happy with all this ground fluff. As of four days ago,we were locally in our third snowiest winter in history with a very good chance of moving into the number one place, displacing 2000 and 2001, the current top two years for December snow. The average annual snowfall here […]

21 Dec

Standing-Still Sun

Today is the winter solstice (literally standing-still sun), the shortest day of the year, which officially tips off winter. Mother Nature has cooperated with 0.3-degree temp and 40 mph gusts making last night’s snow pile up in drifts. The wind passes over the house with the sound of a banshee loose in a bugle factory. […]

17 Dec

Cycles, Spamgullion, Snowball-Eating, and the Count-Down

Recipe books show various formulae and concoctions of an out- by-the-tracks stew dating to the Great Depression and which the hobos referred to as “slum,” short for slumgullion, the term defining what was considered a filling, largely unappetizing and visually unappealing “stew.” But when you’re down to nothing and were on the road and hungry, […]

16 Dec

Pome From Da Prof

My friend Jay Emerson, associate professor in the WMU department of geography, recited the following verse over too much wine last weekend, and I asked for permish to reprint it. They skip my class, they come in late, They plagiarize and whine, But the Red Pen O Justice, Will keep them all in line. Jawgah-bone […]

15 Dec

Shooting Wolves on the Sly — Thanks to the Humane Society

An article written by John Flesher of the Associated Press (AP) has been published in recent days seemingly all around the state, including in our local paper. The article details conflicting views on Michigan’s wolves in the Upper Peninsula – that is, deer hunters who hate them because of their effects on the deer herd […]

13 Dec

Some Events in the Lives of Michigan COs

On the book-signing front, a correction: the signing at Lowry’s Books in Three Rivers will be next Saturday, Dec. 20, @ 11 A.M. Of more interest, CO Jason Wicklund of Iron County forwarded some interesting photos, which I share with you herewith. All this is pretty typical of what conservation officers see and deal with, […]

12 Dec

Seeing What’s There & Pix2makeUgrin

Conservation officers and cops call it situational awareness, that is not just looking around, but actually seeing what’s going on around them and correctly interpreting it. So, a CO pal of mine recently pulled into Mickey D’s to grab a quick chicken McNugget and ahead of him sees blood on the gate of a pickup […]

11 Dec


Email and advertising on television provide endless entertainment. It’s like watching wannabe crooks at work. On December 8, the so-called USBank [I have no idea what the heck it is]  announced that they believe my account has been accessed by a third party as different computers havve logged into my Banking account and multiple password […]

08 Dec

In-sourcing and Restructuring Sinter Klaas and Other Moanday Thoughts

Nick, Etsaintera: Long ago our Dutch settlers brought the concept of Sinter Klaas here, and we then morphed the old boy into America’s commercial toy king, Santa Claus, the man who brings us something for nothing — which sounds a lot like some government promises to me.  Sinter Klaas (St. Nicolas), sources suggest, was in […]

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