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31 Jan

About the Web

I am frequently asked about how I go about doing my research and almost always this includes curiosity about how much I use the Worldwide Web, which seems to be assumed by many [under the age of 50] to contain all the wisdom ever created by mankind, in both our dark and light moments. One […]

29 Jan


The title of this bit is is a 31-letter word, intended to describe the sort of word-slurry that marks modern communications. To make an adjective, add “al.” What prompts this? Today I ran across a site called Dynamic Walking 2008. Being a walker, this caught my attention. What pray-tell is this DW thing? The site […]

28 Jan

Adios Rabbit Angstrom

I heard this morning that John Updike died of lung cancer. Updike’s character Rabbit Angstrom was an American classic. Updike was 76 — too damn young for the Big Trip. He and his work will be missed. And on this same day when we mourn the passing of a great writer, I hear that Pope […]

26 Jan

The Mastodon Alpha Dog

I am pleased (and totally unauthorized)  to introduce Monty, the hard-charging Jackroughneck of the Painter family, near Alpha MI, in Mastodon Township, County of Iron, Region of UP, Third Planet from the Sun.  You might assume logically that a cute little thing like this would not be able to get the best of a veteran, […]

23 Jan

Extra-Extra: Attention All Snowbirds

Hey snowbirds, did you know F. Scott Fitzgerald used the term in Babylon Revisited? Lit-rah-chuh aside, thought I’d provide you with some quick shots of what Heiki Lunta’s work looks like in southwest Michigan.  If you’ve snowbirded from the Yoop, you can assume it’s a lot worse up there. BTW, An icelactyte is my term, […]

23 Jan

Praise Song for the Day

I’ve been seeing  some snarky and elitist commentaries on Elizabeth Alexander’s poem on the occasion of the  Presidential Inauguration. The poem is entitled: Praise Song for the Day, and will soon be published by Graywolf Press, a nonprofit operation out of St. Paul, MinnieScoter. I’m a wannabe poet and, though I’ve studied poetry and read […]

20 Jan

Hail to the Chief

The interregnum c’est finir. Barack Hussein Obama is our 44th president, and our heartfelt congratulations go out to him (and may he also find a way to straighten out his moronic website). With all the promise our new President offers — and it seems immense– let’s remember he is like each of us, only a […]

19 Jan

Back on Line

Good afternoon. I’m back on line. Been off since last posting, cleaning viruses out of the system. What a mess.

16 Jan

Scamland & Dubya Bye-Bye

I’m beset with an insidious damn virus called “Antivirus 2009,” which sounds alarms, tells you you have all kinds of infections and wants you to buy protection for $50 to $100. When it hit me it told me I was infected with 23 viruses but couldn’t remove then unless I subscribed to the service being […]

11 Jan

Sunday, Sunday

Fishing pal, fellow Bullshido Robochef sent me a copy of a Mitch Albom article from the latest Sports Illustrated. Title: “The Courage of Detroit.” It’s a good read. And speaking of snow. The local Kalamazoo Gazette reported today that with yesterday’s 12-inch snowfall (about 16 in my back yard) the winter has so far delivered […]

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