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28 Feb

Goodbye to The Rock

Learned this week that the Rocky Mountain News (The Rock) has closed its doors and, after publishing since 1859, no longer exists.  Many more such closings are sure to follow: The New York Times is on the verge of bankruptcy; some major papers are reducing to three-days-a-week delivery.  My local paper, the Kalamazoo Gazette is […]

27 Feb

Jesse James and the Heywoods Ain’t Related, But the Gene Pool Seems Similar

John Saurer of Northfield, Minnesota has been reading Snowfly. Espying my last name, and living in the town where Jesse James and the Younger gang committed their last bank robbery, he wondered if I per chance might be related to Joseph Lee Heywood, who was acting cashier on that fateful day at the First National […]

22 Feb

It’s Back

A week ago, almost clear ground. Today: Not so much. But it is pretty, in a sick and cold way. A picture to illustrate. Also, review of Death Roe in today’s Detroit News. Google Detroit News, feb 22, 2009, death roe. Over.

19 Feb


Attention all true Yoopers and Yoop-lovers. Try this site: Got into site and select for U.P. If you’re a UP h.s. or college grad it’s a must place. Lots of good stuff. Okay, so that was the sound of a panic button pushed yesterday. Our weather did NOT approach forecasts, though chill factor while […]

18 Feb

N’Okemos trip

Supposed to talk to Get a Clue Mystery Club Group at Schuler Books in Okemos tonight, but I cancelled about an hour ago. Weather advisory for here tonight, 5-7 inches with 20-30 mph winds, gusting to 40 and another possible 3-6 inches of white stuff tomorrow. I could get up there today but prolly be […]

17 Feb

Who Knew?

A pal of mine (now professor, once a Navy P-3 navigator) sent me a note yesterday. Made me laugh out loud, so I am sharing the gist. He and his wife had gone to the fabric store (which he calls the “hen house”). Parking lot was packed, and he could find only one opening, but […]

16 Feb

Hawking Hawks

A few days ago we spotted one of the redtails about 30 feet off the ground, back in the woods, off our walking trail, not far from the nest. Yesterday there was a redtail sitting five feet above the nest and atop a power pole, several hundred yards away, a second redtail: Ergo we conclude […]

15 Feb

Wondering in the Wilderness of Books

Do me a favor: Before you read this posting, please read the preceding one about State Trooper Jayme Green of the Grand Haven post. As for this posting, granted: It’s an odd title, but at least it’s an improvement over something about V.D.This morning I got up to work on a couple of presentations for […]

15 Feb

Helping Those Who Help Us: M.S.P. Troop Jayme Green

Last April 26, Michigan State Trooper Jayme Green of the Grand Haven Post suffered a stroke while on a traffic stop in Muskegon County. Officer Green,40, graduated the 114th Trooper Recruit School and has been assigned to Grand Haven since 1997. He is married and has three young children. The stroke left him with limited […]

12 Feb

VD Every Year: Is There No Cure?

Busy times: I’m posting ahead and in that vein…is it just me or does the presumed abbreviation for Valentine’s Day bother you ? [Makes me want to laugh out loud!] VD has been with us a long time, and the debate about whether it originated in the Americas or Europe has been settled. VD comes […]

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