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28 Mar

Good for the stomach, good for the soul (sole?)

You owe it to your taste buds to try this dressing. Serve it over chicken on bed of raddicio, or any sort of white-fleshed fish instead of chicken, pan-fried. Also great over brook trout, but if you do brook trout, be sure to  add a pinch of brown sugar to the fish before pan-frying. Here […]

26 Mar

Random Ruminations

From one of my notebooks:  I doubt that kids in camo /are counting carbs /or spaced out /by Janet Jackson’s AWOL breast. Al Jazeera in the U.S. = Fox TV, politically skewed, morally indignant with all who disagree, total amateur hour, an exercise in volume rather than journalism. All the news and snarks,   and verbal […]

23 Mar

The Stuff We See And Hear

Daughter-in-law, Leann, shot me an email today with a link to, where they are advertising that  I wrote a book called, The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to New York City: A Native New Yorker’s Secrets of Giving the Good Life. There is so much wrong with this link, starting with I didn’t write the book. […]

22 Mar

Fire in the Hole

Last night we  drove down to Edwardsburg to see The Wizard of Oz. Wonderful production in a fantastic performing arts center; Jambe Longue’s nieces (Elizabeth and Megan) were in the show, both of them  (twins) are immensely talented young women. In fact, it seems that there are a large number of kids in Edwardsburg’s sophomore […]

20 Mar

Vernal Equinox

Spring arrived at 0744 today just as the  sky was turning light; how’s that for dramatic effect? Just back from our walk, bright sun, 32 degrees, no snow on the ground, and I stopped counting robins at 50. Meanwhile, my four-legged, no-brained walking companion located a dessicated red squirrel corpse which he ate by running […]

19 Mar

Thursday Morning Questions & Observations

In college, I  got four-point in nihilism. My mom was so proud. You think Republicans and Democrats are pissed off about bailout bonus babies: How about Commies? I’m not too good in math, so help me with this. Okay, I got $8 million as a retention bonus from AIG and Congress is now going to […]

17 Mar

Rules for St. Paddy’s Day

First of all, Erin go bragh. To tell the truth, I’ve never understood whether this saying is cheering erin’s brassiere, or lack of same. Whatever. To get you through this glorious day, here’s a few tried Irish rules for keeping the peace today. 1) Don’t drink from a bottle during a verbal dustup with some […]

16 Mar

Ides of March

Great sunny weekend, robins all over the place, chippies running wild through the birdfeed, no sign of juncos, who might have moved north. Spent many hours walking in the woods around here over the weekend, just taking things in. One place we call the Pileated Forest. We saw three pileated woodpeckers and heard seven more. […]

12 Mar


Sitting here half asleep this morning I heard on the radio a report of a UK  researcher who did an experiment that showed doodlers retained 29% more information from a litanous, boring message than non-doodlers. Doodling, she says, is an indicator of boredom and the doodler using  the activity to keep the brain alert and […]

09 Mar

Signs of Spring

Low 40s today, cool wind from the east, but very nice conditions. Never mind the day started with a lab tech having to poke two holes in my arm to draw blood for my monthly coumadin check. I asked her why. Her professional, scientific answer? “I don’t know. It just happens sometimes.” ISYN Shanny and […]

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