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27 Apr

It’s One of Them Days….

Preparing  for summer outings in the UP, I went to the US Geological Survey (USGS ) website to order the 25-30 7.5-minute topo charts I needed — at $8 a pop. Bought charts last summer from the same site, but of course I have no idea where my customer ID or password are, so I […]

26 Apr

Da Opener She Was Yesterday, Eh

Opening day of trout season, 2009. She come and she went. With apologies to Mssrs. Gilbert &Sullivan, a day-after elegy follows: I am the very model of the trouter piscatorial, I’ve information entomological, hotel and jook-joint-oracle, I know the greatest fishers, and can quote their catches historical Munoscong to the Paw Paw, in order categorical; […]

23 Apr

Chasing Lord Stanley’s Cup (Not The One Made by Bike)

Okay, it’s not exactly lyrical, but it will serve to convey the emotions involved in this time of year… This time of year the dog and I sit and wait For the game to start… It’s always our Red Wings… versus fate. It’s hard to explain to the uninitiated How mere 50-win seasons leave us […]

23 Apr


First 80-degree days of the year are being projected for days ahead. We just got the report on the website’s first year, which totals 842,097 hits, and 59,283 visitors. Thanks to all of you  who dropped in for a look-see and to those of you who sent email via the site. Most importantly,  thanks to […]

19 Apr

Recalling Nudiustertian

The big word in the title is an antiquated one for “the day before yesterday.” Ah, Shakespeare, our aulde Will. From The Two Gentlemen of Verona he writes, “to relish a love-song like a robin redbreast…” and nudiustertian it was rescue and relish.  As Shanny and I stepped on the deck there was a robin […]

15 Apr

Taxes, The Bird, and One Million Words

If you’re over the age of 50, you’ve all heard the song, Surfin’ Bird, which goes, “A-well now, everybody’s heard… about the bird.” It’s vat da Shurmans cull ohrworm, meaning earworm, a song that sticks in our minds and is repeatedly and compulsively repeated. BirdBirdBird….and it’s  one of those songs that’s always stuck in my […]

14 Apr

Open Eyes in April

The Nishnaabe called April Pain-In-The Butt  Moon. In our part of the world it’s  totally unpredictable, sometimes proverbial showers, but more often the nagging dregs of half-hearted winter. Mays can be rainy like Aprils are supposed to be, or warm like Junes usually are. Global warming? Who knows? All that’s for sure is that one […]

13 Apr

Spring Break & Dreaming of Fish

Last week: Twice to the Lightning Stone Secret Spot, once to Rocky Gap County Park in Benton Harbor, two walks in Anderson Arboretum off M-43 in Kalamazoo, a jaunt in The Chipman Preserve southwest of Comstock, and a visit to the Gertrude McPharlin Baier Natural Sanctuary between Hastings and Nashville. We in Michigan are lucky […]

09 Apr

Lightning Stones and Stuff

Quick run to  Lake Michigan today to the lightning stone mother-lode.  A tad cold and windy, but the dog had a ball. The session at Schuler Books  in Okemos was fun last night. I’ve uploaded my presentation as a page entitled. Writer On Patrol. Good luck finding it. I can’t seem to move stuff into […]

08 Apr

Okemos Tonight

Named for an Indian leader who camped his people nearby. The high school’s sports teams were (maybe still are)  called impolitically the Chiefs. [Just like Slap Shot, with similar colors!] Could be a Pot-name, or  Anishnaabe. I’ll be at Schuler’s Books tonight, 7:30 PM to talk not about Death Roe, but what it’s like to […]

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