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31 May

Mystery Rock

The rock in the photos below was found last week (not by me)  along a Lake Michigan shore. Any opinions from rockhounds? It weighs in the neighborhood of 8 pounds. Some agate, some chert, some carnelian perhaps, or possibly some jasper? Very interesting visually.

27 May


Pal Mike Cook, flintknapper extraordinaire and primitive hunter (arrows with stone heads), sends word that he is holding a workshop at his farm near Portland, MI, July 18-19. Mike once made a bow for me out of  orange osage — and two sets of arrows (practice and hunting tips). I picked out the chunk of […]

26 May

It’s About Time…

In 1939 the U.S. government “allowed” women to fly in the Civilian Pilot Training Program, which was designed to teach college pilots with an eye on a bigger picture. After fruitlessly lobbying the White House to bring female pilots into the military in 1940 to ferry aircraft from US factories to military bases, several US […]

24 May

High Warm Water = Troutless

Finally got the fishing license and went scouting trout water today. Checked two trout streams, both having yielded great fish in the past. The best of the two streams had temps ranging from 68 – 74 degrees, and the other one was also 70ish. I can understand this in August, but in May? Add to […]

20 May

Mo Road Trip Pix

Sunny blue on a lawn in St. Lou(is). No idea what these are, but they are as my old teammate Reg says, “Boodeyfull” There’s always one in the crowd who doesn’t read the memo!

19 May


Red Wings, 3-2 in OT. Someone once told me to be careful when others started taking their flensing knives to the language.  The VS channel’s team leaves a lot to be desired in terms of language skills. We used to call it cherrypicking; now it’s a stretch pass. We used to call it lifting the […]

18 May

On the Road Again

The past couple weeks have been spring road-show circuit time, speeches and book signings. Monday May 11, there was a fine and enthusiastic Traverse City Kiwanis crowd at the Holiday Inn on the Bay.  The annual fundraiser for the Kiwanis Club of is on-line right now and you can find a couple of my autographed […]

17 May

The Unreality of Reality

Somewhere due West of Saginaw on Saturday on Tittabawassie Road, passed a gun club where they were having a “Bar-B-Q Chicken Shoot.” Is it just me, or does that sound really easy? I mean who will miss a chicken roasting on a spit or grill? The stuff you see! And read! Over.

16 May

Springtime in Da Yoop and BTB

Word from friends in the western U.P.: M. and S., living near Crystal Falls, recently returned from a warmer climate. Asleep this night, S. hears “something walking around the upper deck.” She gets up, turns on a light, and a black bear boogies into the night, leaving claw marks on a deck post. No biggie. […]

04 May

Kvetches and Kudos

Kudos: Great time with Michigan’s rural librarians last Thursday night. To read the speech hit the following link to “More Science or More Science?” Betwixt the K’s: Next morning up to the Leelanau for some rock-hounding. Windy. A CO acquaintance told me about a spot to find Leland Blue, but the construction boss threw us […]

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