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Archive for June, 2009

29 Jun

Moanday and Counting Down

One of those days. Picked fresh black cap razzies this morning for oatmeal; and enjoyed Julie Robson’s Iron County chokecherry wine tonight with dinner. Ahhh, nature’s bounty. We expect lots of bloobs, some razz and perhaps early thimbleberries in the Keweenaw woon.  Robochef dropped by to pick up the community cooler for his jaunt to […]

27 Jun

Lo and Behold

Not sure what to say. When Christopher designed the site he insisted a forum was de rigueur, and I grumbled and he put it there. And I never checked it until today! To those of you who’ve been using it, thanks and sorry I ignored you. I’d sign in now, but I can’t figure out […]

27 Jun

June-July Reading

I’m often asked what I read. What follows is a list of what will be June’s consumption, and what I plan so far for July. The list is more or less in the order I read, or will read them. Enjoy.  Best reads: Two asterisks in front of the entry.  I haven’t finished CJ Box […]

24 Jun

You Know You’re a Cop if…

A Yooper pal in law enforcement sent me the following, which I have amended in a couple of place to include COs. Enjoy. 1. You have the bladder capacity of five normal people. 2. You have restrained someone & it was not a sexual experience. 3. You believe 50 percent of people are a waste […]

22 Jun

Hodge of Podge

This is a collection of events and things, not quite stream of contentiousness, but running along that line. I would have entitled it differently, but the entry is too long for software. Herein we shall shall address: The Slipstream of Incompetent Killing; A Cautionary Tale of Frustration and Similar Nonhuman Interactions Concerning Charter Communications’s Inoperative  […]

15 Jun

Good News: Hail to Turf, Dancing Bear & Megan-The-Laser

This  Saturday past Spartan Turf Kauffman was named to the Michigan Lacrosse Hall of Fame, an honor deserved by few and granted to fewer.  I had the pleasure of being Turf’s teammate in the mists of the past. Turf was the primary mover in getting men’s lacrosse elevated to varsity status at MSU,  and undoubtedly […]

15 Jun

Beach Dog

What Shanahan thinks of rockhounding.

14 Jun

In Mourning, alas

Congratulations to the Pittsburg Penguinisimos.  But that’s enough on hockey. Photos tonight from the bottom of Hell’s Hill on Lake Michigan. I love Septarian nodules (lightning stones) because of all the messages they bring to us  from nature. This summer get out and look around, and open your eyes to all the  possibilities and natural […]

13 Jun

Hell’s Hill, Nature’s Fertility Statue and Vietnamese-ish Eats

Hit the Lake Michigan beach for a lightning stone hunt at 7 this morning and pulled out at 11:30 as squalls swept across  Lake Michigan to settle in for the afternoon. South of us there were fishing boats in a cluster and to the north a sailing regatta, and the water relatively calm. Shanahan found […]

11 Jun

Mixed Messages RE: Conservation Officer Study

The following was in the Gongwer news service report on June 5. I have been confused and disturbed since reading it, especially those parts relating to backing up other law enforcement personnel. I’m not going to say much except to say that COs are often the law enforcement types most likely to be at the […]

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