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20 Aug

Night-Mousing the AuSable North Branch

Tuesday night, August 19,  2300 hours — North Branch, AuSable River:  Jambe Longue has dozed off to lala-land  in the middle seat of the Au Sable River boat (ASRB). I am in the front seat  and have been casting metronomically (if not exceptionally accurately)  into totally darkness for more than an hour. At one hole […]

19 Aug

More Randomonics

Back tonight from two nights of  Au Sable River, night- fishing.  Photos and details on that tomorrow. Meanwhile, some new Random sites and observations to share. Manure spreader in operation north of Vogel Center, the manure smelling of a cross between dinosaur feces and rotted moose. Sheesh! Sign south of Houghton Lake: “Grab the Rains.” […]

16 Aug

Last Post Till Next Month

Road trip! We head to Grayling tomorrow for some night fishing (tossing deer-hair mice) and perhaps catching the early part of the ephoron (white fly) hatch. From Grayling, it’s back to the Yoop for the rest of the month. If you’re around Newberry August 29th stop at the Old Bank building on the downtown main […]

15 Aug

Trip Report: July 31 – August 6

IATV (Improvised Agate Transport Vessels) Last campfire of the trip Moon Over Muskallonge July 31: For some reason the poetry is hiccupping out of me the last couple of days. I think it comes from piling a lot of fairly intense experience into a short period of time and through this things bubble up. This […]

14 Aug

Trip Report: July 24 – 30

July 24: Our last day in the Keweenaw. We hiked east on the Mt. Baldy two-tracks trail to Cedar Creek, and climbed southeast up into   the secluded canyon. We each caught a couple of beautiful wild brook trout in the rain and enjoyed the scenery. Next time we’ll climb through the entire canyon, which […]

12 Aug

Trip Report: July 17 – 23

Friday, July 17: Rain and sun and wind, a Keweenaw weather trifecta, temp in high 40s. We decided to take the Delaware Mine Tour, where “Pets Are Welcome.” Shanny sat at top of 100-stair descent, watching people disappear and looked over his shoulder at me like, “Are you kidding?” But he did great underground and […]

11 Aug

Trip Report: July 9-16

July 9, Portage to MacMillan via Grayling and Epoufette: The Expedition in the Excursion began July 9 with a one-night stopover in MacMillan, west of Newberry.  Jambe Longue cooked and froze an entire month’s dinners in advance and we wanted to get up there and store stuff in freezer quickly. The old white coolers did […]

10 Aug

A Look at Then and Now

Our Deer Park host, Max Stinson, a once-upon-a-time St. John’s boy, took us trout fishing at his family’s camp on the Fox River in a nearby county. His dad, brothers and pals, set up Eight Point Camp in 1948 and the particular year of the black and white photo seem to have had themselves a […]

10 Aug

More Birds

Today we walked our regular city trail and heard redtails squealing their high-pitched calls. Mama sat on the power pole , while  baby, who is her size, soared in thermals, making touch-and-goes on tree branches. Meanwhile, below them, walkers went their merry way clueless, struck deaf and dumb by unknown influences. Nice to see the […]

09 Aug

Double Eagle

A Double Eagle is a $20 gold piece, the first one minted in 1849 and thereafter until 1933 when  FDR nixed the coinage of gold coins. In 1850 a double eagle would have the equivalent purchasing power of $510.56 in today’s money. The photo below is an even rarer double eagle, that of two baldies […]

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