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30 Oct


Morning, sportsfans. Last night about 10 p.m. Shanahan whacked another possum in the back yard, this one of hullmongolous proportions. I’ve lost count of the body count and backyard carnage. On the other hand the carnage wreaked by a dog’s hunting instinct doesn’t begin to match the carnage spread by a state  government with two […]

28 Oct

Patrol Day Three

Day Three, October 23: I check out of my hotel and drive to the Bigger residence. Overcast sky, no rain at the moment. En route, a squirrel runs out in the road, almost to my left front tire, coming from my right side, hangs a violent U-ey, and spits nuts all over the highway.  I […]

27 Oct

Patrol Day Two

Day Two, October 22:  Dan collects me at 0730, and we head back on salmon-snagger patrol with a different group of officers, CO Jeff Walker still running the show. Because we were there yesterday, we are told to go directly to our assigned patrol position at a certain time. En route we check the HAP […]

26 Oct

Patrol Day One

This is the time of year when legions of  crooked “sports”  and legitimate sportspersons are afield across  Michigan. It’s also the time when all the hunter disputes and bad blood between neighbors begin to rear their  annual ugly heads. The amount of contention over something as simple and insignificant as a deer can leave you […]

25 Oct

Hounds and Bears

Wildlife biologists will tell you that the further west you go in the UP, the more bears there are. CO Jason Wicklund of Iron County gets a plethora of bear houndsman during the fall bear season and he sends along the following pictures of interest. Iron County is a very big chunk of turf and […]

24 Oct

Frederick Joseph Dunayczan, 1943 – 2009

Just back from a funeral mass at St. Cat’s.  Fred Dunayczan died earlier this week. A retired teacher and creator of the famous Galley sub sandwich shop near Western Michigan University’s campus, he was the epitomy of a good guy and gentle soul.  When we buried my grandfather,  the priest reminded us that in Ireland […]

19 Oct


18 Oct

Tippicanoe, Kalamazoo, Parking Lot Scumbags Stealing From You

Yesterday was the first nice weekend day (though cold) in a couple of weeks, so Jambes Longue and I loaded Shanahan into the Green Streamer, stopped briefly at the Texas Corners Farmer’s Market to pick up some Mexican chiles, and cruised  through the Allegan Forest over to Saugatuck, where I signed some books upstairs in […]

16 Oct

Litch-rah-chuh, Good Reads, and Like That

Eric Larson from Minnesota sent me an email asking for some reading suggestions. In answering him, I decided to put the list on the blog. It’s not complete, it’s not all fiction, and some is not even about fishing, but all worth reading. By the way, one of my pals once said that all fishing […]

14 Oct

Where ONE is a crowd

The attached photo is from Midwest Fly Fishing Editor Tom Helgeson, who just put the latest issue of his magazine to bed up Minnie Polis way and winged off to Kodiak Island for some fishing. This photo is from his last time up that way in Fish-Bear Valhalla I have an article in this month’s […]

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