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30 Nov

Finishing the Season

Met CO Jeff Rabbers  somewhere in Barry County Saturday afternoon at the end of a cool, bluebird day, and we immediately headed for a house where a violator and convicted felon allegedly had been stashing a gun. Turned out not just one gun, but a shotgun and two rifles. CO Gary Raak took the weapons […]

28 Nov

A Big Buck in the Woods, The Writing of Others in the Works…and Sundry Thots

Crystal Falls Forest Park H.S.  lost yesterday. This was their sixth consecutive MHSAA Div 8 championship game. I won’t be surprised if they are back again next year. NOTE: Some of the players have Woods Cop pops. Nice to see that. I love small school high school football.  My old school, the Rudyard Bulldogs,  had […]

26 Nov

Tools, Fools, and Fond Memories of Turkey Days Past

Morning, all. Note yesterday from one of my CO pals who was riding down main street of a town Tuesday night, so warm the truck windows were down. Ahead, there was  a man walking in front of two females and one of the females yelled, “Don’t (name withheld), you’ll be arrested!” Where upon Mr. Name […]

25 Nov

Eye Warts, Gobies and Goat Rodeos

November 21 – jumped out of Grayling at 0700 to meet CO Becky “Sunshine” Hopkins in East Tawas, 10-ish. I checked into the Bambi Motel. (Honestly, how can anyone pass up staying in a place named Bambi during deer season? Huh? Nice place, good location, close to the state park.) Becky collected  me and we […]

24 Nov

Another Chapter

Good game warden work requires sitzfleisch (extreme patience) and the ability to withstand chronophagia (time-eating, often unproductive tasks). Wednesday morning I left the Traverse City hotel at 0400 and drove  east to Mio on black ice, arriving at the meeting place in front of pal Bob Linsenman’s Au Sable Angler shop. CO Bobbi “Blaster” Lively […]

24 Nov

Orchard Country and QDM

Took a walk at noon today  and bumped into two self-proclaimed  missionaries in black suits and ties wanting to talk about whatever. Told them thanks, but no thanks. Shanny wasn’t in the least interested. Most of my work and chores are caught up, so I thought I’d continue the DNR reports. November 16 I drove […]

24 Nov

The “Nopener” and “There HAS to be a better way, Mom!”

CO Nick “Streak”  Torsky [originally from Mackinaw City] and I patrolled slowly but steadily  from early morning on, mostly in the indescribably beautiful Pigeon River east of Vanderbilt.  With each hunter we talked to, or camp we visited, here’s how the conversations tended to go: Had any luck? Nope. Seen any deer? Nope. Heard any […]

23 Nov

Back From the Trucks

Returned yesterday from DNR work in a number of counties, including: Otsego, Cheboygan, Leelanau, Oscoda, Crawford, Iosco, Arenac, and Kalamazoozoozoo. Officers: Nick “Streak”Torsky, Mike “The Force” Borkovich, Bobbi “Blaster” Lively, John “Hulk” Huspen, Becky “Sunshine” Hopkins, and Paul “Icewalker” Higashi. Lots of interesting experiences, which I will relate in coming days. While working with listed […]

12 Nov

H Minus

The final countdown is under way, and  down to hours, ticking away toward my favorite time of the year: firearms deer season with conservation officers. This means I’ll be swooping  along for a couple of weeks, the Green Streamer turned into a  Roma caravan, and carrying  everything possibly needed. One year the temperature in the […]

11 Nov

mnl with gloria

The attached  is from a local cable program. Lots of fun. Enjoy. Just tap on the link and hit the play arrow. Over.

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