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30 Dec

Three Rudyard Bulldogs Quaffing Irish Brews

Jambe Longue and I drove over to Holland on the 28th, negotiating  a pesky and messy little sleet storm to meet the Ploegstra brothers, one-time members of the north Rudyard Dutch community and offspring of the city of Holland’s second family of settlers in the waybackwhin. (The Finns were to the south and east of […]

26 Dec

Eagles in Michigan

An executive order signed by President Clinton in 1994 makes in unlawful for anyone to possess an eagle, an  eagle feather, or eagle parts without a permit. Only Native Americans are given permits. Eagle feathers play an historic role in all Native American belief systems and religious practices. When a conservation officer recovers an injured […]

24 Dec


Elegy for The Gator Calvin H. “Rusty”Gates Jr. 1955-2009 1. Long ago a decision made As my comrades fell Along the way I’d shed words not tears when good men die Take on all the pain but never cry Instead to do my best to try To emulate Shakespeare Praising what is lost making remembrance […]

24 Dec

Saying Goodbye

A sad Christmas Eve: We drove up to Grayling  yesterday to say goodbye to Rusty Gates, who passed away December 19.  I wrote an elegy for Rusty, which I’ll put in another blog entry today. Snow on the ground, bluebird sky, air frigid, church filled with Rusty’s friends and family, sunlight coming through the colored […]

21 Dec

Calvin H. Gates Jr. 1955-2009

Very very  sad news this morning. I got a note telling me my pal Rusty Gates passed away at home on the banks of his river Saturday night after a fight with cancer.  I last saw Rusty in August and he seemed more emotional than normal and I sensed he was in his way saying […]

19 Dec

Ho Ho Ho

Ho ho ho, here we are with fresh new snow and not a place to think to go. Saw the movie Blindside last night. Worth your time. I offer today’s photo to help everyone get in Christmas moods (starting with me).

17 Dec

St. Martin’s Update

The DNR visit to St. Martin’s Island reported earlier resulted in 11 tagging violations. Specifics of the violations have not been released.  The officers were at the 2  and 1/4- by 1 and  1 /4- mile privately owned island on a routine patrol. I initially reported the story as “shenaningans ” defined as, reckless behavior […]

17 Dec

The Moon of Crusting Snow

Rat poison blood check earlier this morning. Sat for one hour.  Only two patients went in an out while I waited with the herd. Sign-in procedure had been changed, “to speed things up.” On the way out I said to the receptionist, “It ain’t working.” It took a while, but winter’s finally here and there’s […]

15 Dec

Ice Sculptures

Photographer Ted Swoboda and I are related through Michigan State lacrosse. Ted’s dad was a well-known and much respected portrait photographer in the Detroit area, and Ted —  until lacrosse intervened in his life– worked for his dad, photographing weddings and other events. Ted played at State as an undergraduate, and became the Spartan’s second […]

14 Dec

Rain, Snow, Slush, Fog Unt Buggyobic Multitasking

Greetings from the place where all weather tends to smush together. I’m preparing for visit to Texas in early 2010, and starting to laugh about the prospects of the 46th Air Refueling Squadron reunion next September in Marquette! I’m sharing a collection of photos I find interesting, perhaps the most interesting that of my former […]

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