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26 Feb


Out all day today on various errands, and returned to find the animal control officer parked in our driveway, looking for my daughter’s dog, Cooper (aka Rocket Dog). The animal control people now have a state-of-the-art computer complete with automatic vehicle locator, and they are following up on licenses. She moved to Windy City three […]

25 Feb

Night of the Gliding Pig

Back in 1969 I was  saving leave in preparation for getting out of the USAF the following year, and my own crew was on leave, and I was called in to substitute for the navigator of another crew one  afternoon; this story reports the bare basics of the event.  Some day I will write more […]

22 Feb

Snow Day

All schools in the area are closed  today, at all levels. Rained last night, followed by heavy wet snow. Streets are ice rinks. And the U-ESS-Eh dey beat dose Kanadas  fi-t’ree (5-3) you betcha, thanks mainly to a former Michigan State goalie. Good thing the YankCanuck had cleared town or he might have been homicidal, […]

21 Feb

Time Moves, Life Happens, Memories are Made

Friends Mike and Sue from Arizona took a four-wheeler ride along the Mexican border, in the Sonoma Desert area on Friday, February 19. At one point they encountered a uniformed group of men on the other side of the border, with a Hummer. They were packing AK-47s. Some had their faces covered with ski masks. […]

20 Feb

Musings of a Technoflop

This isn’t exactly a rant, but earlier tonight a TV ad bade me download a song: To where, I thought, to my brain? I have no cable TV beyond local stations, or PIN numbers, no satellite dish, no debit card, have never used an ATM, watched Blu- Ray, or used an I-phone, I-pod, Blackberry, or […]

19 Feb

Bullshido Ukrainian Dinner

Robochef and Yank Canuck of the Bullshidos here tomorrow night for Ukrainian dinner, mostly.  Start with pertsovka (pepper vodka, remember Petrov et al in The Berkut), along with various finger foods, and Uke hors d’ouvres as well as  hottaspicy Italian sausage from Da Soo,  Rustic Ukrainian bread,and some Bernwood Barolo (Ft. Wayne).  Starter will be […]

18 Feb

More Ice Thoughts

We had a little thaw, some freezing rain, melting off roof, new ice formations. Won’t have all this much longer, so I keep looking for interesting ones to photograph. Sort of like looking at clouds in summer from your back and seeing what you can see. Believe it or not, it also helps you when […]

18 Feb

Sound Bites

Last night the local coyote pack yodelized down the Scary Path, days after Consumer’s brush-hogged their hunting ground. Adult redtails screeched in protest to no avail. The Cat-Lady down the street sets out dishes of food for cats, which will morph now into traps to help coyotes partake of raw feloin steaks. Some glibs call […]

15 Feb

All Aboot Ice

This time of year is, as our Canadian pals say, all aboot ice and ice makes for some really interesting photos. Meanwhile I give you these to enjoy with a couple of other things thrown in. Over.

14 Feb

Chasing Ohlimping Gories

Dinner last night at Bold at Texas Corners.  Seafood bisque and a glass of an Oregon Pinot Noir. We had Pacific barramundi flown in “fresh.” Outfit from Hawaii ships the fish packed in dry ice; it arrives in a brown UPS truck. I’m guessing farmed fish, not wild-caught, but magnum delish. Bold has the right […]

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