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31 Mar


First mosquito of the year tonight, right before dark.  Holy wah. Over.

30 Mar

Hutaree History Note

Most have heard by now about the round-up of so-called Adrian-area group calling itself Hutarees — a self-proclaimed “Christian militia preparing to battle the forces of the Antichrist.” The group, news reports say, was plotting to kill a peace officer and use bombs to attack the scores of officers who would gather for the funeral, […]

29 Mar

Da Wolfies Iss killink all da deers….

The headline is how fictional poacher Limpy Allerdyce might characterize this entry’s subject, but he would be pulling your leg because irracsible old Limpy knows better. And he likes “Dose  wolfies, cuz where youse got wolfies you gots dem deers.” I happened to be in the Midland area over the weekend and read a Midland […]

28 Mar

Game Wardens Galore

Back today from the 3rd Annual Michigan Conservation Officers Association Banquet in Auburn, Mi.  The association, which is open to game wardens and the public is used as a fund-raiser for MCOA scholarships and other worthy causes. The MCOA ice hockey team, “The Fighting Fishcops,”  is also involved in fund-raising and will be playing the […]

23 Mar

The Value of Pictures

elokuva on arvoinen tuhat puh une tableau c’est valeur mille rediger en avbilda ar varde tusen orden te tafereel kost mille tekst en bilde er  verd tusen ord ein Konterfei ist Wert tausend Text A picture is worth a thousand words: Jambes Longue et yours truly. Over.

22 Mar

Dog Story

A man charged with Malicious Destruction of Property Over $200 was found guilty by a U.P. jury last week after two days of deliberations.I don’t really understand how the charge applies, but law is law. I simply report it. The story is thus: A German shepherd-mix dog came onto a man’s property and he shot […]

19 Mar

Planting Forget-Me-Nots, The Passing of a Wolverine, and Go Rudyard Bu-dawgs!

Heard last weekend that our only wolverine over in Sanilac County had died. Later it was confirmed. Interesting story there of a science teacher from Deckerville H.S.  who tracked the animal for years and shared trail camera photos with his students and used the unusual animal as a way to teach. Nicely done. Sad that […]

17 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day, Woolly Bears, and Crocii Popping Forth and Spring

I remember some years back a sortie with God, fishing the Pere Marquette on St. Paddy’s Day, one like this but 40 degrees colder with a high in the 20s and the water at 35 and we ended up building a small fire by the river to warm up and thereafter repaired to Edie’s Log […]

16 Mar

Backyard Muses

Spring means cleanup and yesterday afternoon was spent outside with a Picker-Upper and shovel and lo and behold, a poem. Enjoy, Over. Afternoon in the Yard Tiz the Ides, and the dog sprawls regally, Next to the fence, watching me bag That which he deposited Since November last, effluvial Mega-pounds, holykowabongalossal kilos. Great heaping gobs […]

15 Mar


Amazing. Got word today that my Facebook dealie will not connect to this webpage. So I check. Had a type. Duh, me. Details count and the photograph hereafter, taken yesterday at the Portage Barnes & Noble proves it.  Suggested memo to employees: “Dear Fellow Workers. Youse have to pay attention to where youse slap down […]

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