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29 Apr

Twenty Early Morning Musings

1) Da UP she’s an aging whore, her best days consigned ta days of yore. 2) Da Britch went up in fifty nine, deepened da old girls gradual decline. 3) No more copper, no more iron, no more miners, closed up mines, only a few pulpies hanging ’round Engadine. 4) Got no jopps nor industry, […]

29 Apr

Drum-Thumping Set

Tomorrow night starts the drum-thumping time of year — when I go out and sign and talk about books. Back next week with some sort of photo record of events. Shanahan got his stitches out this past week, leg looking good (if a hairless chickenleg on a newfie-flatcoat can look good ).  Our mama cardinal […]

27 Apr

Loose Moose-Goosing

Late last night CO Jason Wicklund of Iron County got a call of a moose-truck collision, so he boogeyed right-quick to the scene north of Cable Lake on US 141. Once there he called for a flatbed and could hear another moose bellowing in the marsh.   Then a smaller moose ran across the road […]

26 Apr

Springing Along

Years ago:  God and I were on a several-day fishing expedition up north and noticed an old homestead (abandoned — only a foundation remaining). Surrounding the ruins was a gigantic umbrella of lilacs — and we heard it calling our names. So… we each took a coupla sprigs and brought them south and replanted. Took […]

26 Apr

Like Noir?

Looking for an author to read?  Try Ken Bruen, who writes mega dark (noir), violent cop novels set in the UK and Ireland. The characters are great, the chemistry of urban cops perfect in a lot of ways. His work is spare in words, big in image, with great characters, continuous movement and crisp spot-on […]

24 Apr

Catching Up With Catching Up

Okay, I’ve been digging in my files, ergo: In a place near here, now razed and turned  wild turkey-cervid pasture, in a time long long ago when employees were openly and publicly declared  assets (and treated like it), there came a sharp-tongued new CEO who kept ordering all his minions to be “Better Than the […]

21 Apr

Turks Aplenty & Pinks Don Green

Word from Father Rob Howe of Bad Axe with a photo of his Tom, 9.5 inch beard, taken three miles from town. Also word from Warden-Mike Holmes (DNRE Ret) that wife Colleen got her second turkey in two years, hers with an eight-inch beard, and was shot at fifteen feet, somewhere in Dickinson County (I’m […]

19 Apr

More Historic Law Tidbits

This comes from the 1911 State Game, Fish and Forestry Warden’s report, William R. Oates. In his report he recommended: * A resident hunters’ license. Before this, there had been none for state residents and initial passage of the law required you have a license only to hunt outside your county of residence. * Deputy […]

19 Apr

Missus Laney: Love Birds and Old Birds

Can’t remember if I mentioned that our cardinal couple is back in the next just beside my easel. Everyday she flies out for awhile and her mate meets her and feeds her. Jambe Longue got a photo of them, which I share. Meanwhile former MSU lacrosse teammates Nose (Goalie Chet Grabowski) and Wags (Middie Dave […]

18 Apr

State Treasure

Last week I met James R. “Randy” Clarke of Pinconing. Randy is one of those uniquely multi-skilled folks who deserve official designation as a Michigan State Treasure. Champion decoy  and bird carver, (ducks, geese, songbirds, you name it!) historian, naturalist, hunter, fisherman and probably the most experienced Voluntary Conservation Officer in the history of the […]

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