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27 May

Looking Back Again

This was triggered by perusing bi-weekly reports of CO Leonard Bloomquist, stationed in Watersmeet and Ewen in 50s-60s. I ran across his reports for the last week of May 1961 and early June. Sometime during that time frame I graduated from Rudyard High School and I thought it interesting to see what the office was […]

27 May

A Lilabita Histoire of Da Deeennah

Some bits and info from the 1927-1928 Chief Game, Fish and Fire Warden’s  Report to the Guv. Approximately 150 full-time conservation officers on duty in this period. As an aside, the state had a population of 4.8 million people in 1930 and growth was happening at a furious pace in 1927, so we had one […]

26 May

Moose on the Loose

Jeff King shares his photos with us, both taken this past April within 10 days of each other, one moose near Hessel, the other near Au Train. Like I said, they are there to be seen. Saw Robin Hood movie tonight. Has there ever been a bad Robin Hood movie? This one is a sort […]

26 May

The Rest of the Story

Had a few more pix from the Detroit trip to share, so here goes.  Also have a coupla moose pix from Yoop to share, soon as I get the green light. Over.

23 May

Motown Postscript…Mon Kameraden

Remember the razzing I got about what I might see in the the UP vs Detroit? To finish the thought:

23 May

Downtown Motown DNR Hoedown

The Fog comes in, the fog rolls out… Caesar’s in Windsor. Precisely a week ago Friday, we were in Otsego County fishing for brook trout on the Black River. A week later, my gear is in Sgt. Art Green’s TAhoe and we are  moving from fishing site to fishing site CO Lacelle Rabon, checking shore […]

19 May

Fire Season is Upon Us

Word last night from Up North. Fire-burn at estimated 5,000 acres. It originated in Crawford County.  Several COs were dispatched to evaluate conditions and home sites, check camps, etc. At this point it seems the fire began south and east of M-18 and M-72 and moved south and west, jumping F97 and M-18 [where it […]

18 May

Sulfur Spinners

Below is an example of a beautiful wild brown taken a couple of nights ago  on a sulfur spinner somewhere up dere on dat  Au Sable. a couple of nights ago.

17 May

How Paintings Are Born, Approximately Speaking…

These things captured my eyes in the Pigeon and thereabouts. Enjoy. Over.

17 May

Back From Saturn…

Booksellers, that is — in  Gaylord, gateway to Pigeon River Country. We had a great turnout for the signing on Saturday. Friday was spent in a trout stream in the Pigeon River Country (Or Big Wild, if you prefer) with Dave Smethurst and cigar-chewing trout hunter John Bebow. The river was up a few inches, […]

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