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28 Jun

A Message from Limpy Allerdyce

I got an email this morning from Limpy Allerdyce.  Who knew the old poacher could even use a computer? He’s very concerned about how I portray what he insists is not his slaughtering of the English language, so to show me he knows dem rules, eh, he attached the following. Read and enjoy. This is […]

24 Jun

Forrest Gumpdom

General Stanley MacChrystal’s  gaffe ended just as it should — with his resignation. Remember the episode of Truman and MacArthur? Stan the Man over in Afghanistan, shoulda hung up the phone not yak out his guts with Rolling Stone. Since this was not his first transgression off the reservation this time made him tender his […]

20 Jun

Junque Art Runnerup in L’Anse

Ms. Elaine Dougovito took second place in the Baraga County Trout Festival, Junk Art section. I don’t classify driftwood as junque. I think her fish is tres cool. Thanks to Chas Marschke for sharing. Over.

18 Jun

Manistee Notes

This “rackelfrackle” Word Press software couldn’t serve as a crapper for snakes. I lost my narrative, so here tiz for previous post. Jambe Longue and I got back late yesterday from Grayling. Tuesday night we walked into the Deward section with a nasty east wind and few fish rising, and sporadic sulfurs popping, but it […]

18 Jun

The Magnificent Upper Manistee

Back yesterday from Grayling, where Tuesday night we hiked into the Deward section of the Manistee, and wednesday floated from Hole in the Fence to Yellow Trees. This trip was wedding gift from Robochef and spouse J.P. and our friend Joe Guild was our guide and chef.  Another great float: We had Hexagenia limbata flies […]

18 Jun

Big Water Mio Fishing

Fudgie’s Man-Cave To belatedly continue with previous post, last week we drove to Mio and fished with “Captain” Bob Linsenman, accompanied en flotilla by angleteros Godfrey Grant, Lew Carlson, and Bill Start. Want to see interesting? Watch a trio of septuagenarians operate their own drift boat and wade like 20-somethings– only a whole lot smarter. […]

11 Jun

Zipline Alaska

Friends Mike and Sue Webster recently took a cruise to Alaska and of course they had to try zip-lining.   Mike  describes the  experience: “In case you don’t know what zip lining is I’ll explain [it]:  We did this near Juneau. It involves a kind of a ride hanging on a steel cable. In our case we […]

07 Jun

Gearing Up for Fish

Jambe Longues is retired officially now and today I started organizing for a kupla up-north days with the River Nazi and God, which sounds like an odd combo, but really isn’t. Never got all the fishing gear squared away last fall, so finding flies, tippet, Gink, reels and spools has been royal pain, and of […]

04 Jun

Irony and Coincience Collide With Reality

Irony and coincidence sometimes smack us right between the eyes. I got home from Livingston County  about 10 pm last night to find a forwarded note from the chief warden in Arkansas. May 20, 2010, 1136 AM: West Memphis police officer Bill Evans is patrolling on Interstate 40  reported he was pulling over a white […]

04 Jun

Livingston County Poke-About

Met CO Pete “Freight Train” Purdy yesterday at noon. Pete looks like he could pull a freight train, or knock one over.  Ordinarily we might have thrown a boat into one of Livingston County’s many lakes, but we patrolled on wheels and on foot,  checking fishermen and investigating suspicious activity. Pete and partner Dan Prince […]

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