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Archive for August, 2010

31 Aug

Climate Change and Evolution

My mind is caught in 1913 in the Keweenaw Peninsula these days, but tonight I watched a NOVA program (I think) on PBS about a theory of how frequent climate changed spurred evolutionary change in hominids, leading eventually to us. Very interesting, but it begs another question: If homo sapiens has been evolving more or […]

30 Aug

More Photographic Evidence from Summer Sojourn

This is fad, at least in the UP. People build these teepee-like structures of driftwood. Suffering wannabe architects? Never actuallly saw anyone working on one of these. They just sort of appear — put their by aliens maybe?

28 Aug

More Yoopix for Goosing and Gandering

I learn something every trip up north. Here pennies in a Baggie of water are placed above an open door to keep out flies. No idea the science behind this (if any) but Joann and Paul swear it works for their bakery. During a quick trip to see friends in Crystal Falls Jambe Longue and […]

27 Aug

Another Dose of Yoopix

Enjoy. Over. More tomorrow.

27 Aug

Event Note

Good morning. My calendar shows me at the Plainwell District Library on October 4. That’s a mistake.  I will be somewhere that night, probably, but actual library not yet confirmed (my bad).

23 Aug

Winning the Minds and Hearts of the People

Mike” Borko The Force” Borkovich up north, or thereabouts with my pal Jane, making sure she is adhering to all laws of the land.  Mike has a terrific way with people, lessen you cross him, then well…guess. Over.

23 Aug

Memories of Deer Park and Surrounds

Some photos downloaded and herein. Technical delays will cause some time to pass before the rest is unloaded. The UP was beautiful and always unpredictably unpredictable. Enjoy. Over.

23 Aug

Ya Don’t See This Every Day

CO Jason Wicklund of Iron County sent me the photos with an open invite to title it as I choose. There were (and are) all sorts of temptations, but we’ll leave it at Ya don’t See this every day. Over.

22 Aug


54 days on da road, 52 of them in the Yoop. Bears and wolves, snakes, northern lights and aurora borealis,  visiting friends, making new friends, a triple-rainbow, smallmouth, brook trout, Lake Superior storms, agates, high wind, heavy rain, lots of good work done — cartoons, poems, some shooting with a 30/40 Krag (180 grain) carbine […]

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