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27 Sep

Among Eagles

Spent several days last week in Marquette with my old comrades from the 46th Air Refueling Squadron. Great time. They were all men who walked the talk, and have done so their whole lives. It was very humbling to be among them.  Will post photos soon as I can, but software for transfer is still […]

20 Sep

Reading List

A lot of people ask what I read.  Here’s the list of everything i plowed through so far this year. At least those I remembered to write down. I have some great photos for the blog, but my Firefox and blog software are in blinkage and not working properly, so the pix will have to […]

19 Sep

Bitten by the Bug

Chris Vairo of Nebraska( son of pal Mike (Goose) of St. Ignace and San Diego) has just gotten started with fly fishing, and with a little success, the bug and addiction hath taken hold. Chris is already an accomplished hunter.

18 Sep


Bon giorno. As foreplay, here’s the history of my old USAF outfit, the 46th Air Refueling Squadron (H) The 46th Ferrying Squadron was activated on December 2, 1942 at Wadi Seidna Airport, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. The 46th was assigned to the 13th Ferrying Group who assigned area took in the territory from El Geneine, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, […]

17 Sep

Book signing reminder

15 Sep

A Yooper Tale

This true story  is from my pal William “Wally” Kent: Joe: I promised you that I would tell you about the disaster involving the vertical lift bridge at Houghton. It happened to be one of the more memorable cases my dad presided over as a federal district judge serving the Yoop. It seems that shortly […]

14 Sep

33rd Annual Bullshido Camp

Our 33rd fish camp is history. “Al-The-Pal” VanderBerg (67), Dickie-Bird Chamberlin (71), “Larspars” Hjalmquist (73), Reg “U.C.” Bernard, “Robochef” Peterson (60) and  me (1967) spent September 5-10 at the VanderBerg fortress on Little L Lake south of Baldwin in Lake County. We didn’t bother to fish on Labor Day, assuming the Pere Marquette River would […]

02 Sep

When Fiction Comes from Reality

Want to read about an interesting character? Think my characters have no basis in reality? Type in John Graybill and Alaska and see what comes up. The late John Graybill was the uncle of Mike Brown owner of Deer Park Lodge. One more photo here from the summer trip.

01 Sep

Last Photo Show

These are the last of the pix from the Yoop. Maybe sometime down the road I’ll throw more on line.  Enjoy. Over.

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