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30 Oct

In Extremis Mentis

Michigan State Lacrosse Brother Ted Swoboda sent along a group of eye-catching photos.  And I threw in a photo from pal Bob Lemieux, wildlife photographer in New Brunswick, who is a well known practical joker, so this could be real, or Photoshopped, or whatever. His dog Jack took the photo you see.  But let Ted  […]

28 Oct

Looking Through The Window of Obituaries

Back in J-School at MSU we were taught the importance of writing succinct, accurate obituaries. Now with the disappearance of so many newspapers I have to wonder where the obit deal will flow to. I heard recently about papers who charge for obituaries, and about funeral homes who charge for writing them, then put a […]

25 Oct

MSU and Big Fish Too

As my daughter would say, OK, here’s the thing about being a Michigan State University (MSU) football fan: Our teams’ never-ever make it easy, even they have presumably good teams. For example, this year, even if they were to go 13-0 and win the BCS title, you can bet it will be ugly and painful […]

17 Oct

It’s THAT Time of Year

This is a loose journal of  one day [of four] with DNR officer, Dan “Nighthawk” Bigger. It begins with getting up in my hotel room at 0700 and arriving at the officer’s house at 0830. Last night we ended patrol with a trash fire in Owosso area.  We were refueling the truck at a gas […]

10 Oct


Tonight will be one of those weird date/time warps. Watched the debate tonight between gubernatorial (Do we call them Goobers at this point?) Bernaro and Snyder: Ovay, this is our  –CHOICE? Neither was inspiring and I am trying to be fair to Snyder, but his Gateway computer company was hands-down until I encountered Charter —  […]

08 Oct

Iron County Autumn Splendor

My pal and the World’s Most Intense and loyal Packerbacker, Mike DeNoon, sent along the following from Stanley Lake in Iron County. Whew, doggie. Over.

07 Oct

Stuf: Attention Riordan Boys!

Attention, Bill, Pat, and Dan Riordan, I misplaced [I try to never use the word “lost” at this age]  the phone numbers and email addresses Bill passed to me in Munising. Please hit me with an email. Graci, prego. With that plea made I share the final Yoop photos of the last trip. Over.

04 Oct

Autumn Yoop Color Continued

For reasons unknown, some photos do not download when that process is taking place. Pain in the butt — SNAFU with computers. But here are some more from the recent sojourn into the Upper Peninsula. Enjoy, over.

03 Oct

Da Crue of Crues, E-102

03 Oct

Roadtrip Memories

Another view of color around abandoned homestead site. Week of September 23 we spent fishing the east end of the Yoop, then over to Marquette for reunion of the men and women of the 46 Air Refueling Squadron. Unfortunately I deleted (mysteriously) all the reunion photos I took. So it goes, I suppose. I’ll get […]

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