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30 Dec

The Earth Moves, Under our Feet and Whaddya Gonna Do?

Left by the ice fog: Hoaryoak. Itsy bitsy downy woodpecker at the hanging automat   No idea who this is, or who sent me the photo, but I call it Polar Bare and the dude can HAVE the river to himself! The newest Granddog, Beatrix, a pug. She was rescued from a puppy mill run […]

29 Dec

Faith in the Time of Twatoos

Faith in The Time Of Twatoos Reflecting on Send-Times when all, Digital devices in hand [Wait-wait, Warble-clicker, Texters coming in at rates of Mo’ thin Nine thou, month, some Surveys insist, which makes Me sweat with a telecomic mist I do declare Scarlet of  mein marvel as to how anyone Ever in the history of […]

28 Dec


Yesterday former Spartan LaxmanTed Swoboda looked out on his deck long enough to get his camera clicking to capture a bluebird, which was apparently driven off by the other words. Ted notes how bright the bird’s plumage is for this time of year, even on a gray December day. First bluebird ever at his feeders. […]

24 Dec

Tis the Season

Happy Holidays to each and  all and thanks to all of my readers and supporters. Hey,did you hear that  our outgoing governorship signed a law to authorize a moose hunt? The DNR doesn’t even know for sure how many animals there are and in the 52 years I’ve been going up to the Yoop (and I […]

22 Dec

Semester’s Over

Jambe Longue’s met her last classes of the semester and grades are in the computer, she wants to celebrate with breakfast out. Friends tell us we should try a place called the Crow’s Nest, so we do, result a poem (surprise). Breakfast Burrito Crow’s nest, signage declares Upstairs, above Westnedge  traffic Service so slow calendars […]

14 Dec

Winter Stuff

Red belly woodpecker on the suet.

12 Dec

Steel in the Rustbelt

We live in that area some call the Rustbelt and others call Flyover country. That’s how outsiders see us. We  have nasty, frigid winters, humid, tornado-filled summers and all the miserable weather you can conjure so what do we do, sit inside on Saturdays drinking latte or get the hell out of the house? Answer: […]

09 Dec

Seven In the Morning

Morning Truths 1. Old man up street (kittles call ‘im Trut Mout) say he yerry dayclean, like fairy cymbals, Cellophane wind chimes From far edges Where slygroggers dwell. 2. Trut Mout, he got Skookum mojotion Red-shifting half-bone Of Zeroth Quartile, Congressional debate Endless procrastibation For tetrapods, Exurbianites, Quackopractitioners Of trigger mortis. 3. (Up north we […]

08 Dec


Do you know that the light you see from Polaris in our northern sky actually started traveling from there when Shakespeare was a boy? Long trip: Wonder if there were any two-tracks along the way.  Snowing here every day. Just some salt, not much accumulation, but first snow brought the inevitable spate of crashes. Yuck. […]

03 Dec

Forensic Taphonomy

There are a couple of parts of the so-called writing life most people don’t think about. The first and most invisible, is the drudge (loosely termed) of long hours spent actually pounding out the first draft of a manuscript, sentence by sentence. Alone. The second and a bit more visible involves the interesting people writers […]

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