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31 Jan

Backyard Visions

  Arbor Ursus Backyardus There’s a one-tooth bear that lives in our tree, When I go outside, it growls down at me. Just to be clear its sound only I hear, A reassuring grunt not sent for fear, Only to remind me, “I’m still up here.”  [Portage, January 31, 2011]

30 Jan

An Important Health Reminder for All Women

Jambe Longue is wife Lonnie’s handle in my blogs and various writings. Long ago we decided she didn’t need public exposure, but something happened recently and after some discussion, we decided a blog was in order in which she is featured. To make sure all our friends were on the same page informationally, we sent […]

25 Jan

State of the Nation

Did you watch the State of the Union speech tonight? If not, shame on you. I watched with interest and found it without much eloquence and very uninspiring. I like the call for all colleges to reopen to recruiters and ROTC. If they don’t open to recruiting at least, how about they get no federal […]

25 Jan

Rhythm of Love

The neices, Meggan&Liz, just cut a video with Plain White T’s, singing Rhythm of Love. If you want to tap your toes and smile, type in  Meggan& and enjoy. The girls are seniors in high school and soon off to tour. What talent, and they’ve got both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Fly the dream, […]

24 Jan

Wrangling Riverine Rodents At Night

Obsession, like a virus, is a demon that creeps in and takes hold before you understand you’re had. For example, I now find myself creeping from hole to hole on creeks and rivers on moonless nights, throwing gobs of feathers into the ink, seeking big fish. I don’t care what species, just big. But my […]

22 Jan

Sure Is Purty

Five degrees here this morning, one day before Packers and Bears grapple in the freeze. Perfect Midwest football weather. Outside in the elements. This morning we had one of those soft floaty snows and I could hear wind chimes singing on porches accompanied by the pop-pop of snowblowers in the neighborhood. The Cooper’s hawk blasted […]

17 Jan

Haiti’s Between A Hard Place and Rock and Into This Comes Baby Doc.

The more the world changes, the more it stays the same. Baby Doc Duvalier has returned to Haiti. Don’t remember him. I’m putting up some facts, which all boil down to blood-thirsty, greedy asshole who has never been held accountable for his criminal activities. If I tried to create this as a fiction, nobody would […]

14 Jan

Thai Food and TGIF

Fried tofu and peanut sauce — appetizer For years I’ve  been driving past a restaurant on Gull Road, called Bangkok. Finally got chance to stop there for lunch this week. Excellent and the hot sauce is just right (and for sale @$5/pint). We had sweet-sour soup, fried tofu with peanut sauce and mains of Pad […]

14 Jan

Gray Sky, White Snow

Gray sky, white snow, might as well work, nowhere else to go. White stuff continues to fall and I continue to wind down the Red Jacket manuscript and work on a painting called “Strike Dog” — same as the story from a few years back.  Oddly enough, gray, ovecast skies provide better light for painting in […]

10 Jan

Owl House on Old Mission

Pals Griz and Nan Harris passed along this photo of a screech owl (Megascops asio) in the little wooden house they moved from Kalamazoo, to Manistee to the Old Mission Peninsula where they now live. Very nice and see, persistence pays off. The birds nest March to June, so this little one is early, according to […]

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