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19 Feb

Robins, Rolls, Eagles & Runways Ahead of Us!!!

                      Azteka: Another View of the Goods (Mui Bueno). Azteka: Trays and trays of trays and trays Flicker on the feed. Note the bright yellow under tail feathers. When bird flies yuou also see white spot on back, which gave rise to Yooper name of […]

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day

12 Feb

Black Squirrel

Black squirrel turning to gray, Note the tail. We have several in the backyard in the same morph.

10 Feb

New Blog Category, The Work of Writing

I was first published in 1986, and in the quarter century since thin I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to have an interest in the process and mechanics of writing fiction, which led me to think I might try an occasional blog on the subject. This is the first entry. The most frequent comment […]

10 Feb

Wandering Bruin

    Word from CO Dave Painter in Crystal Falls that for the last week a small sow bear of about 50 pounds came out of hibernation and wandered around town. With the temperature sitting at a balmy 7 he decided the road might be easier for his tootsies so he wandered the streets and […]

09 Feb


We’re in a little cold spell. Obama visits the UP today and that ought to be funny. Pal mary sent some ice photos to remind snowbirds what things look like back here. Over.

07 Feb

Face-Plant and Keep on Trucking

Post from CO Jeremy Payne from couple of days ago. I love these kinds of reports: “Today, during the arrest of some poachers I was running in the snow. While running in the snow I did a face-plant off a 5’ snowdrift, tactically rolled back onto my feet and continued my pursuit of the criminals. […]

07 Feb

After the Super Boil

Okay, the national “boil” has been lanced and drained for another year and Christina Aguilera dropped a line out of the National Anthem, rather than a breast out of her costume. [Does hers count as lower or higher gaffe?] It was a good football game with major momentum shifts and solid performances under the so-called […]

06 Feb

Super Bowling from Abroad

One BBC reporter this morning described the Super Bowl as follows: 60 minutes of football and 47 minutes of adverts at a cost of $100,000 per second, seats ranging from $2000 – $23,000, parking at $500, and sleep-cheapest, no-tell motel rooms starting at $2,000 a night.” He could have added the game is played by […]

02 Feb


My daughter took 8 hours to drive 40 miles through  the storm yesterday after her students were dismissed at 1300. It’s a drive she won’t soon forget.

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