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29 Mar

MCOA Officer of the Year

We went to Auburn, Mi, last weekend for the Michigan Conservation Officers Association annual banquet and were pleased to see CO Rebecca “Sunshine” Hopkins be honored with the MCOA CO of the Year Award. Outstanding and well done, Officer Hopkins. Over.

10 Mar

Big Old Bear!!!

CO Jason “Sensei” Niemi of Menominee County forwarded the attached photos of 660-pound black bear killed by a farmer harvesting corn Sept. 10, 2010. Talk about a monster. I worked with Jason during deer season and heard about this and he dug through his photo files and forwarded. The farmer got to keep it for a […]

09 Mar

A Sea Story

My old aircrafraft commander, Boss Tom “Zorro” Davey sent me the attached story from a flight engineer he knows. Boss’s comment: “Reads like he’d fit right in with us!”   I’ve got to tell you a story, about a guy who was in the reserves with me. Jack Hartman and I were A4 pilots in […]

08 Mar


Bullshido Bro Reg Bernard sent photo from camp, Robochef Peterson and me sitting at a poker table. The photo was labeled Two Sharks, but the truth is there is only one shark playing and the other individual is merely bait. Note the deer-in-headlights look across the table.

07 Mar

Birth of a Painting

This shows the sequence of steps in building a new painting to be called Azteka Morning. The first shows the outside of the bakery, then the steps from there in painting it. I think painting helps my writing by making me more observant, and more familiar with shapes and colors, all essential skills in the […]

06 Mar

Good News

    In late January I reported that Jambe Longue had a small tumor removed from her breast. Since then it’s been determined that she will have radiation therapy, but no need for chemo, so it will be twenty days instead of something strung over months. The tumor was small, unaggressive and no evidence of […]

06 Mar

Out There

Photos from the albums of CO BJ Goulette. You think game wardens don’t see some peculiar stuff?

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