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13 May

All Triskaidekaphobics and Friggatriskaidekaphobics Relax

Friday the 13th is nearly  finito. Only had one unconfirmed tornado spotted in the county, the dog is sick, and a god-squad broadast ministry out of California (where else?) guarantees the world is ending May 21. Whaddyagonnado….? This is my last blog for quite some time, unless I can figure out how to work this […]

11 May

Fishing Reports Starting to Come in

  My friend CO Dave Painter and son Brandon floated the South Branch of the Paint. Water high, operating canoe not easy, but they saw a lot of nice fish and managed the three in the photo. Also heard from friend Joe Guild up in Grayling the Au Sable river has been fishing pretty well, […]

10 May

Mother’s Day Remembered

Photos here from our day on the Pere Marquette on Mother’s Day. Perfecto weather!

09 May

Pere Marquette on Mother’s Day

What a day yesterday was!  Jambe Longue and I took our new friend Doet Boersma up to the PM yesterday so she could get some photos for her artwork. Bluebird sky, soft air, it was spectacular day. I’ll post photos when Lonnie gets them dumped into the ‘puter. We stopped to see friends Dick and Lu […]

06 May

Rockhunters Eat Your Hearts Out (Me included)

Jeff King of Pickford sent me the following photos of an agate he harvested in the White Fish Point area. Note the characteristic  “potatoey” look of the raw stone (far upper left). This is how they look before tumbling and polishing. It’s a beaut!

06 May

Looking North with Wildlife on the Mind

Photos from CO Kellie Nightlinger (aka Wonder Woman)

04 May

Rejigging my Crystal Ball: And Far More Important Things

Okay, so the Prez didn’t authorize issuance of the photos, but CBS showed two other dead men from the same night, holes and blood and all. I don’t get it. I predict the next rumor will be that the President wouldn’t authorize Bin Laden’s death photo because the President is a Muslim. Not true, but […]

03 May

Allerdyce Interview

A reporter I once met long agao sent me the following transcript of an interview he did recently with Limpy Allerdyce. The reporter’s name is Robin Goodfellow. He writes for a nature conservation website in England. They met at Allerdyce’s compound in southwest Marquette County. His plan was to publish a profile of the old […]

02 May

Bin Laden: Thoughts The Day After

I’m incredibly proud of our intelligence and military,  and especially SEAL Team 6 for getting bin Laden. Now for my rant: while I’m proud of the people who got bin Laden, at the same time I’m ashamed of fellow Americans calling into C-Span and other media outlets with the most abject and pathetic b.s. imaginable: […]

02 May

Bin Laden Gets His

Goodbye to a barbaric animal ; may he rot in Hell or whatever other place the so-called man reserved for evil pieces of shit who purport to carry out god’s orders. Congratulations to our CIA, other intelligence agencies, our government, and most of all to the courageous special forces team that went into Pakistan and got him […]

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