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30 Oct

Books & Stuff

Very nice time yesterday at Books and More in Albion.  Someone asked me what I read, and I couldn’t really answer because my tastes tend to run all over the place, but if interested, here’s the list of what I’ve read so far in 2011, in the order I read them: [CODE= NF=NONFICTION/ P=POETRY/SS=SHORT STORIES. […]

25 Oct

Fall Flying & We’re Still Here.

Predictions of the end of the world for Oct. 21 turned out to once again be wrong. Good turnout that night at Kazoo Books, where I read new short stories. Last night Lonnie and I were at Eagles Aerie in Grayling  for a talk to the Fraternal Order of Police lodge. Another good turnout; the […]

21 Oct

Summer Memories

Today’s another world ending day, though it doesn’t seem to have arrived. Interview with Zinta Aistars was on WMUK this morning. Reading at Kazoo Books tonight at 7. Photos forthwith. Over.

21 Oct

DNR History Bits

18 Oct

Woods Cop Training

I happened to stop by the District 2 DNR office in Newberry one morning, looking to use the files. Law Secretary Michelle Zellars said, “Hey, what’re you doing today?” “Putzing in files, why?” “Training, they need help with a first aid scenario.” “Count me in.” Off we went to the high school, where Pat McManus […]

18 Oct

Summer Pix

Here we see if blog will upload pix. By the way, WMUK interview did not air this morning. No idea why. I’m rusty at this blog-deal.      

15 Oct

Corrections & More Information

Whoops, sorry, I’m speaking at Books and More in Albion on October 29, not duh..August 29. Did taped interview with Zinta Aistars for WMUK Arts and More this afternoon. The interview will air on WMUK-FM (102.1) at 0750 on Tuesday, Oct 18, and same time on Friday, Oct 21.  Moo You 28, U of M 14. […]

15 Oct

It Returneth to Bloggery

Well, it’s been wee long, but Jambe Longues and I returned yesterday from five months in the U.P. Will tell tales eventually. Blog was mired in the broke-down-bin from July, just fixed as we returned. Lon is doing well with her post-surgery and cancer. Her Tamoxofen threw a heap of side effects at her and […]

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