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29 Nov

Reading Sign: A Critical Craft for Life

Not sure of source for these, but worth a grin. Weatherpeeps calling from snow this afternoon, tonight. Bah.

28 Nov

On the Road Too: 2011 Firearm Deer season

Mo Pix. Interesting stuff everywhere, if you take the time not just to look, but to see.  Over.          

27 Nov

On The Road: 2011 Firearm Deer Season

Friday, Nov. 11: I drove from Portage to Ford River to stay with friends. Radio filled with extreme poltiical gibberish. Reporters called velociraptor agitators. Obama called Barack Bin Laden, and referred to as Hard Left Left Liberal Socialist Secular Reformer, at same time announcer screaming that the President is resorting to dirty and negative political […]

26 Nov

The Irrefutibility of Orange

The day I left Iron County for Menominee County a hunter was shot and killed in Iron. According to reports he was wearing the old style red check wool and a severely faded orange cap. Attached is a photo of Jambe Longue’s brother and fam in low light. Note how the orange stands out on […]

24 Nov

November Disease and Back To BTB

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Got back from a couple of weeks in the western UP on Tuesday night. Great trip and as always wonderful learning times with our state’s conservation officers. Very few hunters in counties I worked, and all of them complaining about lack of deer, yet we saw deer all summer, and saw […]

09 Nov

Scampaigns and Puff-and-Stuff

The politicos are really at it already… Weird.  Limpy would call all these things “scampaigns.” State of Ohio just crushed governor’s law there attempting to bust unions. Mississippi folks overwhelmingly said no to definition of life law, and GOP contender Cain is in the cauldron with various allegations popping up from women alleging various misbehaviors. […]

09 Nov

Uh, About Some Uh…So-Called…Uh…Hunters

The following news release was distributed by the Illinois DNR two days ago. It seems appropos to my comment last night about the effect of poachers vs wolves.  Note where the majority of alleged miscreants are from…. IDNR Conservation Police Charge 5 Individuals in Deer Poaching Case  Largest buck valued at $25,000    Nov. 7, […]

08 Nov

The Time Approaches

Packing tomorrow for time with COs. It’s always exciting right about now as the early cheats start working (and often get caught). Don’t know if any of you read most recent bi-weekly report, but COs found moosehead on a rock in SW Marquette Co, which is where Limpy Allerdyce resides. The dopes who killed the […]

04 Nov

Road Show Continues (Readings, Etc)

More photos from recent goings-on.      

03 Nov

More From the Road Show

Dawned on us today that there are other photos on separate memory sticks. Will dump those later and share. Meanwhile:         

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