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31 Dec

New Year’s Eve

Quiet, relaxed night, this eve. Early dinner at Bangkok, including  a Singha beer, we watched a video, and a half hour ago fireworks started poppetypopping north of us. Very first time ever for fireworks on NYEve (that we can remember).  What is it about some city folk that cannot tolerate silence, solace,  and reflection? Happy […]

31 Dec

Au-Revoir Onze,Bonjour Douze

Holy Cowsky, How did it get to be the end of the year? B’lee dat?  As we age every year seems faster and I personally feel like I should use every waking moment before it is lost. Yes, certainly this is a compulsion, but it’s a good one. Einstein had at least a partial explanation […]

30 Dec

Yooper Tales

It is December 29, and  an older fella shows up at our friend Brenda’s house. Got his van stuck down by the Blind Sucker River with a dead battery, and he has just hiked a couple of miles  down the Lake Superior shore looking for help.  Brenda’s hubby Max isn’t available so she calls their […]

29 Dec

Shout-Out to Ms. DiSilvestro’s Kindergarten Clan!

Thank you heaps and loads and greasy gobs  to all you fine students in Ms. Ruth DiSilvestro’s Kindergarten at Frederick Douglass Elementary in Kansas City, Kansas. The Heywoods (Jambe Longue, Shanny and moi — that’s French for “me.”)enjoyed the Christmas card and wish you all a happy, healthy, and ginormous learning year in 2012. Kids: […]

29 Dec

Zooming into The Wild Blue Yonder

I had just reported to my squadron, fresh from Undergraduate Navigation (UNT,  9 mos @ Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA) and Combat Crew Training (CCTS, 3 mos @ Castle AFB, Merced, CA) schools. Not yet assigned to a permanent crew, I was directed to go fly one night  as a sub with another crew and the […]

25 Dec

Hooking Up Santa

Merry Christmas, each and all.  Back in my USAF days we got one special mission with our KC-135 every year to plug Santa’s sled with JP-4 so he could finish his mission.  Very cool.  Welcome home vets from Iraq and all our wars.  Over.

23 Dec

Scamslimeys We Knowest Thy Names and Games

  Howyadoin. i can’t believe congress and the President were until yesterday all acting like pre-teens arguing over ghosties in a backyard baseball game. Grow up, you fools. If you want respect, act like it. Has anyone noticed that Speaker of the House John Boehner looks like a once famous TV personality? [Photo follows]   […]

22 Dec

Fun Morning

We had a visitor this morning, Yooper Don Mattson, now of Ishpeming, once from Chassell. And though he’d never tell you, THE Don Mattson of basketball greatness and a member of the Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame. Turns out he coached  my many-time DNR partner, Sgt. Steve Burton at Ishpeming Westwood,  who now lives […]

19 Dec

Friday Madness

Jambe Longue and I did some shopping this morning! Sheesh? Westnedge is like the pit at Indy on 500 day. For those interested, my short story “Man Up A Tree,” can be viewed at The Smoking Poet URL is Enjoy. And for those who like a feel for the mysterious far east (Singapore to […]

19 Dec


My post of cougar stuff on Facebook has stimulated a lot of feedback from people I know (and trust) who have had sightings. Troutbum colleague (and artist extraordinaire)Larry Cory sent me a photo of a cougar from the Garlyn Zoo (Naubinway) as a reminder of what these critters look like close up and personal. Thanks, […]

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