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29 Jan

Sunday Stuff

I‘m attaching a photo of workers building the Mackinac Bridge, to remind of us a time when our country actually built stuff.  This morning I heard the chairman of the GOP compared the President to the captain of the Italian cruise ship who abandoned his post, and his ship, and his passengers.  Seriously? And the […]

25 Jan

One Small View of One Scrivener’s Life

Another “typical” writing day lies ahead. (Typical for me only, though I am sure other writers would report similar agendas). To bed at midnight last night, up at 0700 this morning. KILLING A COLD ONE (Woods Cop #9) has grown to 86,000 words and as i look at the +/- goal of 100K words, i […]

23 Jan

Monday’s Child

Awoke at ohdarkthirty to thunder and lightning, 40 degrees, barometer at 960. Holy wah, where dat liddle winter she go, eh? Naturally my creative juices were stinkulated. And I awso  t’row you pitchers fum vahairious pipples. Winter’s Fool Thunder roils peeled away night sleep, leaving me thinking brook trout rising to my fry pan my […]

21 Jan

Satiddy Moaning: A-Sneakin’ up on Work and Musing on Polyticks

Voting in South Carolina’s Palmetto primary began this morning. By the way, back in the distant past when Sandy and I were in the Carolinas one fall we discovered huge cockroaches all over the room and when I asked the hotel management about them they informed me politely that, “Them’s what we call palmetto bugs, […]

17 Jan

Banning Books in Plymouth, Michigan

Word today that there is a hooha about Toni Morrison’s Beloved in the Plymouth Canton MI  high school, some parents pushing for a ban from an AP English course. Never read the book myself, never had an interest, but if they ban it, I guarantee they will multiply the local readership and push up sales. […]

15 Jan

Story from the Fate Pile

My pal Bob Linsenman took Jambe Longue and me on a honeymoon float awhile back. This story was supposed to appear in Midwest Flyfishing, but the editor there, a friend of both Bob and me, died and the story fell into the bottomless fate pile. The editor’s name was Tom Helgeson, a truly good guy. […]

13 Jan

Just Doing What Needed Doing

If we’re lucky, we meet people in our lives we don’t forget. One such in my life is Barry Hanchett, a year behind me at Michigan State, graduate of Wayne Memorial High School in Detroit. In college he was  a pencil-necked jock, wiry, hard-nosed straight talker, who always pulled more than his own weight and […]

12 Jan

No Place Like Home

Lonnie and I ran into pal Lane Wick yesterday, fellow MSU J-School man, retired newsman.  (Ran into him at Hobby Lobby, of all places.) Lane’s family has a deer camp near Lewiston, about 25 miles west of Gaylord. I think the camp’s been in operation now for 51 years and he says there just aren’t […]

09 Jan

Last of the 2011 Reading List

I last posted the annual reading account in October, and pick it up here from thence to hence. The codes in brackets are no brackets = Fiction; [NF] = non-fiction; [MS] = manuscript; [CL] = Children’s lit; [SS] = Short Stories.  Once I find an author I like, I tend to go back and read […]

08 Jan

Sunday Craziness (Mostly Self-Inflicted)

Today on CBS Sunday Morning  we learned that Judge Judy of TV syndication fame earns (a term used loosely in this context) $45 million a year! Say what? This afternoon a hulking mouth-breathing tardigrade young fella whomped on our front door and wanted to talk about Ron Paul. I ,the house bandog, told him to […]

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