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29 Feb

Books of February.

This past month’s reading list. I’m finishing Rez Life tonight or tomorrow. Peter  Steinman. The Company of Wolves. [NF] Malcolm Gladwell. Outliers.[NF] C.O. Sylvester Mowson. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. [NF] Lois Crisler. Arctic Wild [NF] Lois Crisler. Captive Wild: One Woman’s Adventure Living With Wolves. [NF] Lolita Hernandez. Autopsy of an Engine, and Other Stories […]

23 Feb

The Past Revisited.

No idea why my mind turned to baseball today, but it did and the memory that washed ashore was one of a hot summer day in San Antonio,  when we Billy Mitchell Bombers took the field in a Kelly AFB Little League game. I was a big 12-year-old, already in the range of six-foot, and […]

15 Feb

Woods Cops of Olde

Had a telephone call from a retired CO pal this morning who wanted to share some old CO names for the list Randy Clarke and I are putting together, and for the 125 Committee doing the 125 yr law enforcement celebration. I remain astounded by how much we DON’T know about our COs and their […]

10 Feb

Moose unt Boyds

What’s for dinner? Moose! And speaking of food, the backyard suet is a magnet for downy, hairy, red belly woodpeckers, and flickers (Dollar Butts in da Yoop).

10 Feb

Rare Writers

Last night Jambe Longue and I went over to see Jerry Dennis, who was speaking in the Rare Book room at Waldo Library at WMU. Jerry is a fine writer, naturalist, trout fisherman and outdoorsman, and a true Michigander, one who relishes snow! His latest book was published by the U of M Press in […]

09 Feb

Mattson and Moose

I got a funny email from one of my CO pals yesterday, and will protect his identity. He and I have done a heap of patrols over more than 10 years and he likes the woods cop books. Here’s the gist of the note, of a kind to make an author chuckle: “I met one […]

07 Feb

Pete Gent, R.I.P.

I only recently discovered that Pete Gent had passed away this past fall at a very young 69. I wrote a little about this on Facebook, but want to share a story. We were linked by high school basketball, our teams rated 1 and 2 in Class C in Michigan for the 1959-60 season. (We […]

01 Feb

Winter of Our Polickytickygel (Thank You Mr. Allerdyce) Torment

Romnoid 46-32% over Gingrich in the Florida primary. What’s it mean? Romney and friendly super pacs ran 13,000 ads to Gingrich’s 200. For all that money, what did the “lifelong outdoorsman” [his description of himself in 2007] get? Perhaps, Dare pondus ideonea fumo, or “fit only to give weight to smoke.” Yes, of course he […]

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