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31 Mar

March Reading List

Here’s the take from this past month. Some great stuff, not much fiction. Also, a couple of photos from my writing “space.”   Robert Douglas Fairhurst. Becoming Dickens: The Inventaion of a Novelist. [NF] Carter Niemeyer. Wolfer. [NF] Paul L. Errington. Of Predation and Life. [NF] Bill Holm. The Music of Failure. [NF] Jon Krakauer. […]

25 Mar

Wolves, Wildlife, and Politics

MSU Dept. of English. “Wolves, Wildlife and Politics” Hannah Community Center East Lansing, Michigan March 22, 2012 Despite the focus of this evening and series, I need to tell you that I don’t write books about issues. I write about characters, who live in a certain cultural/geographic context, which gives rise to situations and various […]

20 Mar

The Unseen Side of Publishing

Got the first typeset pages back from my editor and I am going through the pages line by line. When this is done,the pages will go to the proofer/fact-checker and i’ll go through the story again to look at and answer her questions. By mid April there will be a typeset version bound for reviewers, […]

12 Mar

Life and War.

When I left the USAF in 1970, my CO asked why I and my regular commission were  leaving after only five years. I said, “Sir, I’m leaving with five years in uniform, but I grew up in it and have 256 years, more time in than you do.” He was a full bull, looked at […]

10 Mar

Sadness in the Sun And Night

Woke up to bright sunny morning and call from Bob Lemieux that the original K-Wing, Al Genovy passed away this morning from a rare cancer. Good guy, helped kids. And earlier this week that Don “Padre” and Jean Ingle died in a house fire in Baldwin. Padre, a dean of outdoor writers in the state […]

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