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26 Apr

99 and Geezers

Sitting in my work nest yesterday when Jambe Longue said, “You playing cards with the Geezers tonight?” My head was at that moment wrapped around baseball research. “Huh?” “It’s on the calendar for tonight,” she added. “Yeah, I’m going.” The Geezers are a group of former newsmen who meet two or three times a year […]

24 Apr

Roscommon, May 10

We’ll be at the Roscommon Public Library, 5 p.m. in Roscommon, May 10.

24 Apr

Plodding Along: Finishes and Starts, and No Fits

Page proofs for Red Jacket went back to the publisher last night. Now I have to key some update changes into first draft of Killing A Cold One, and sometime this week I’ll get a proof of the 125th Anniversary book of DNRE Law Enforcement to scan. Meanwhile I continue to noodle ideas for Woods […]

19 Apr

Hairy Scareys Above the Aeries

Ray Schalk was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and attended the University of Louisville, earning a BA degree in Psychology.  He received his commission through the AFROTC Program.  Ray entered pilot training in Dec. ’63 in the class of 64-D  at Craig AFB in Selma, AL.  He learned to fly in T-37s and T-Birds.  […]

15 Apr

Living on Borrowed Time

This is a new category for the blog, piece about or by former fliers, especially those with the right stuff. This first one is from Ed Haerter, who a the time was flying F-100s in Vietnam. Pretty reiveting story and a reminder of how important pure luck can be to each of us. Ed wrote […]

15 Apr

Our Day Away

Pal Randy told me about collectors’s show, old conservation mementos, etc. Sent email on Friday asking if we would be coming to the show in Marshall. We went to Marshall. Small problem. Show was in Mason. But no road trip is wasted for writers. All -around weird, yet fun day, if you don’t count atomic […]

12 Apr


Everywhere and every time I speak, i get questions which point to the oddness of the names of characters. I’m always takean aback by these questions. Almost all the names come right out of U.P. phone books. Just having finished a biography of George Marshall, I had to laugh. Here are the first names of […]

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