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27 Jul

From Pilots With Balls of Brass & Red, White & Blue Hearts

  A note from Col. Ed Haerter. Read and wonder what kind of men willingly take on such tasks for their country. Joe A sampling of what we did after departing the tanker initially and coming back for enough fuel to get home. Amazing that everyone wasn’t killed, in view of the incompetent national leadership, […]

27 Jul


July 27, Deer Park —  Don and Chris Maxwell brought good luck and some fine U.P. Superior Shore weather. For the first time ever we visited Yuppydom Duchy of Grand Marais yesterday when it was not raining, about to rain, or still wet from rain! So much rain we nicknamed the place Grand Marain. But […]

22 Jul

On Da Road Again: Escanaba

The highlight (the only illumination)  of yesterday’s signing in Escanaba was the presence of our friend, Laurie Tebo, who after leaving us, did some back-to-schoool-shopping for son Preston, and then drove back to Carney to go horseback  riding in the late, hot afternoon.  Oh to be young again! Signed books? Not so many. My name […]

20 Jul

DNR “Stuff” from Da Way-Da-Heck-Back.

Wolves disappeared from the state around 1961 or so, at least that’s the last one way shot before they moved back in almost 30 years later. While doing some historical digging I ran across some interesting mentions of wolves in Luce Co.  And outdoor subjects were always of interest, so let’s go back and look […]

19 Jul

Information Needed

If you have information on the history of the Two Hearted River area, or Deer Park, especially printed materials or photographs, please let me know. There is no officially published history of Deer Park (Luce County) so Jambe Longue and I are looking at gettting one started. We have a long list of old timers to […]

19 Jul

Yoop Pix

Howdy. More photos from recent travels plus trail camera shot forwarded by Jambe Longue’s nephew Jeff Miars. Thanks Jeff. This was taken in south Marquette Co,not that far in cougar travel terms from where we saw cougar on US 2 last September. Other pix from signing at Northern Gifts on the Gem called Drummond Island. […]

16 Jul

Two Nights in The Motel Hell: Life on the Road….

  I drove up from fish camp to meet Jambe Longues at a the Skyline Motel in Epoufette. Always  been a great spot: view of the  big lake, great restaurant next door and across the street, not that far from Da Britch.We’ve stayed there many times, but never a stay like this one.  En route […]

09 Jul

More From Yooptimes

Weds May 30 – We spent all day in Noobs: more hours for fones; conference with Eunice at AT&T, which works off our deck; Joy Hospital for Lon to get stiches removed; Dollar Store to get time cards for phones, then to AT&T to get minutes added; lunch at Timber Charlies; grock-shopping at Rahilly’s; gas […]

09 Jul

How Our Yooper Sojourn Began, Written Looking Backwards

Deer Park Diary: Memorial Day – Muskallonge Lake: The temp dropped from 85 to 53 in 90 minutes today, thunderstorms moved in, and a half-inch of rain fell on our lake. The rain is welcome. Low snowpack and only 1.3 inches of rain since winter has left the Eastern UP (EUP) with July’s usual dry […]

09 Jul

Reading List: May 22 till Nowabouts

July 8– Muskallonge Lake: Here’s the periodic reading list from light to not so much. This list began May 22,  in the order they were read (mostly) and is up throughand including today: 1) Christopher Fowler. The Memory of Blood. 2) Jose Ortega y Gasset. Meditations on Hunting. [NF] 3) Hans Helmut Kurst. Officer Factory. 4) […]

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