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28 Sep

“Daylight in the Swamp!”

This was the call used by camp cooks/flunkies to rouse loggers in the morning. I think this nearly every morning when we venture outside, usually between 6-8 A.M. But here there are not mumbling, stinky loggers, just Jambe Longue’s slippers scuffing and the dog’s nails ticking the floor or deck, and all talk at a […]

28 Sep

A Separate Society of Sand Spikers

DAY 125, Wednesday, September 26, DEER PARK – Took the day off from writing. Max Stinson picked me up at 0700 in rain and we fetched Mike Brown from his place in heavy rain and headed east on Rabbit Patch Road. Along the way we saw a flying squirrel skitter across in front of us. […]

28 Sep

Unplanned Trips: Our Dog a Pill About Pills

DAY 124 Tuesday, September 25, DEER PARK Our dog Shanny is 102 days post-surgery, but continues to have some problems so Monday Jambe Longue called our vet Jeff LaHuis at the Soo Animal Hospital and we jumped off from here around 0800. He said try to get here 10ish and we’ll get you right in. […]

28 Sep

How To Live in 288 Square Feet

Living at our cabin at Deer Park is like tent-camping, for five months. It only works if you think it through beforehand, make a few rules and stay with them: 1)   When one of you is trying to do something, the other one needs to stand clear. 2)   Organization: A place for everything and everything […]

21 Sep

DAY 120: Above–The-Bridge

Friday, September 21, DEER PARK – 40 degrees this morning; it has rained steadily since Monday, our first sustained sky drop since we got here in May and with the .3 in the rain gauge this morning, our week’s total is at 2.1 inches, not much by Florida hurricane standards, but heaps for us. We […]

21 Sep

Letter from The Outer Fringes of Extremoland

A teacher friend forwarded the following letter, which arrived in her email this week. The letter-writer is not the student’s legal guardian, in fact that person’s relationship to the student is unknown and far from clear. I keep wondering (perhaps wrongly) what political tract/tome all this mishmash of political/social rhetoric was lifted from. I certainly […]

19 Sep

Autumn Asserting Its Presence

DAY 118: Wednesday, September 19, DEER PARK –  Two days from the Autumnal Equinox. Had some notion of blogging from the Deer Park Lodge signing last Saturday, but it was more fun to talk to Ellen Airgood about our craft. Most writers have little contact with others of their kind. And Ellen and husband Rick […]

14 Sep

Day 113: Second Installment

Tonight after dinner, a little before 2000 hours, Jambe Longue went down to our beach to call her mom. Got message machine instead of mom, but looked west to see a bear gallop down to the lake, take a drink or sniff something, and turn around and lope back up into the raspberry patches, about […]

14 Sep

DAY 113: Weather Trivia: A Small Lesson in Local Lore/History

Friday, September 14, DEER PARK – People who live here year-round don’t pay a lot of attention to the weather. It is what it is. You make your plans and go and adjust as you have to. The rest of us short-timers tend to pay more attention because our time is limited. It is going […]

14 Sep

DAY 108: Writing Thoughts and Signing Ahead

Sunday, September 9, DEER PARK – This morning, 0300ish I was organizing and cleaning files in my electronic documents and managed somehow to eliminate all of my Outlook Express. I hope I’ll get them back, but have little optimism to back this. We’ll see.  For now, I have no memory files of old emails or […]

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